Omoolewa, omodara odejo

Thou beauteous of  beauties

Thy gait of feline grace

and spotless charming face

hath enough to get man drunken

Drunkenness above Oguro’s doing

Such drunkenness, folks tag, madness

Verily, Madness doth seems profane

But madness for thy love pose  sane

Bolatito eyes glow in great luminescence

And Ibadi-aran’s waist sways charmingly

but thy beauty gave rob theirs off meaning

Truly, It shames them all!

In every step thou take

Others doth imitate

And whatsoever thou doest

Every maiden taketh interest

Thou smile…

Oh thou smile!

The morning sun doth envy

Even the new moon won’t boast of such glow

Let the night come with its darkness

I will lit no lamp, the rays of thy eye will do

Let winter come with its chilliness

Thy bodily warmth hath good a cover

Thy father call me lazy, thy mother too,

Maybe, maybe I say, maybe its true

But even the lazy do have some pride

My father is a productive farmer,

Me, your unrepentant lover!

Thou art my profession, my day and night busyness

A bag of cowries for dowry, I have not

My lady,  vain spoils doth rot

I’d kept all treasures in a chest

Tucked away in my heart, they rest

Fleeing treasures of life are weaklings

They stand frailty to the monster, time

Though, thousands of suitors swamp thy hut

I won’t waver,  Nay, I won’t bother

In the market square of life

thousand buyers doth hover on a good

But only one, buyer doth take it home

I stand the one, the very sweetness in thy honeycomb!


 Am Ailing

My heartbeat is failing

Call not the physician

My cure is not in his pin

’tis not encapsulated in his pill

Thou art my cure

And thy kiss and silly tease

art the best prescription!


Amusa Tenibegiloju Smartfingers…2011..The Redefinition





16 thoughts on ““OMOLEWA, OREEKELEWA” and “MY CURE”” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. Guy you be thief.

    Don’t come around my ‘wife’ with these your lyrics o…else…

    Nice one jo!

    1. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. i really liked this. you used the old english style but it didn’t come off as pretentious. it was fresh, whimsical and fun to read. the yoruba references are on point and the message is clear. really well done. “thou art my profession, my day and night business” was my favorite line.

    i’m not too sure but i think the line should be “thy/thine smile” not “thou smile”

    1. Thanks…no mind me jare, na by force to write in old english? Am obsessed with it sha. It should be thine/thy. Thanks for watching my back.

  3. Wonderfully crafted, my man. Well done.

    1. Thank u dearie

  4. No be small thing O°˚˚˚!

  5. Mmmhhhh!!! Nice.

  6. Sweet! My kind of poem . . . full of indigenous content. You deserve an Award for this. First of its kind on NS (Apologies if there is any)….

    A truly Naija Poet. . .Smart Fingers..more of this…so sweet. I can’t stop reading this over, over and over again..Thumbs up Bro!

  7. I will lit no lamp, the rays of thy eye will do
    Let winter come with its chilliness
    Thy bodily warmth hath good a cover

    Interesting . . .

    1. I don dey blush oooo…Thank you dearie.

  8. SmartFingers..Can you analyze this name “Teni-Be Igi- Loju

  9. Lolz, Tenibegiloju, is my proverbial name literally meaning: He who cuts the tree fools himself, sooner than later, the stumps will come alive and (Igi-Aruwe) the tree will come alive again.

  10. I love romantic poems, and these are cute. The cure especially, was short and sweet.

  11. ash the dream (@ash04)

    Many writers d☺n’t understand the catch in indegenuos poems. The secret is that readers understands every bit of its simplicity and complexity ƒσя they share same source. Beautiful work bro. I looooove it! Keep it coming.

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