I’m Ms President

I’m Ms President
The former President’s wife was
My wife at school
Where we prayed
Every morning a minute too long

At our faith camps
The encampment had some rules
One of such sang so high
Women were wriggled away from men
Girls glided far away in groups
Boys left lurking like the beasts.

When we bathed
We bathed in groups
Only girls and only women
And then the flesh rose in us
Fondling one another for fun
Breasts swelled and nipples stood out, smouldering.

We soon liked our groups
Not like before
We thought we missed the men
Now, the boys were long forgotten
Every separation was even sensual
With exquisite pleasure from girl to girl.

Seminary was sweet
And boarding was even blissful
When we slept in love
We woke on sticky, stained sheets
Which we had to wash
So the matrons would never wince.

Life went on
And university was full of fun
Our hostels, our rooms
What pleasure we had
With ourselves as bonny babes
Lascivious lasses lying sprawled,

Flaming thighs and bright boobs
When we bared our bodies all
Smiles, giggles and cackles
As we tried carnations on our bellybuttons
Dangling and jiggling
Yet, we were as holy as hell.

When we looked back
Must of us shared the same
I was the second born
After the first was aborted
For being my kind.

I too would’ve been flushed
Down to colour the drains
But mother and her doctor lied to him
A busy man my father was
However, three more issues were denied the luck
As Father followed Mother to Scan
At a place he chose.

Some riot ran past the home
And Mother and I moved away
And he remarried
But it took 10 years before a male.
Oh, how many would’ve gone for waste?
Four or five by Mom
How many moved out in a decade?

But now, not any more
Me and my friends told our members
Flood the earth with our kind
Now that feminism is a force
And women have a voice,
Flush them out and reduce their population
We’ll dominate the earth
And rule by our numbers.

After versity we had a blip
My best half hitched up with him
His club was billed as best
With money and wires
He flew its flag
And made wananchi rush to vote.

Two years later I joined the club
The first lady, my ex
Reunited with me and put me on

We grew deeper in love
And our campaign for our kind
Worked like magic
If you’re not my type
You can’t lead an arm or tier
Our love for the gender grew
So inordinately feminine.

We became noticeable everywhere
Sixty and up in every hundred
Except the club.

Our gender ruled the jobs
And school students were full of us
Nearing 70, especially in West
University Premier was full of us
And affirmative action invoked for males

Another two years
Another election
Another transition or not
Our plans riped out well
And women had a voice

We wouldn’t pitch near opposition
Or paint posters against the head
But now make us your vice
And sure that was it
The first lady behind my purpose
Mr President reelected
With me as his vice.

We celebrated throughout the night
With my friend
Feet and bellies rubbing in love
With several sweet endings
By the help of toys

I’m not Madam President
I’m the President
Call me Ms President
But how?!
Mr President croaked
And I took his place
And I also won my mate.

Now, I’m Ms President!

11 thoughts on “I’m Ms President” by TB Caleb (@sesanme)

  1. Nice! Nice!!. I like this because I’ve had a similar experience.

  2. Future possibilities that are now glaring and staring at us. Let’s look out. This is fiction, though. Thanks to you all for your time.

  3. Ok. A force to reckon with indeed…

    Keep writing.

  4. hmmmm… dis is intense.. Nice..

  5. ummm…….
    you r ms president

  6. Beautiful plot.
    but, it is ‘intense’ in the sense that you grappled with the story. it didnt run smoothly at all.

  7. @adaobikwy: Thanks for your feedback. You know it’s easier for me to see it run smoothly than others cos I wrote it. However, there are a few stops that readers should notice to control the flow. And I admit that I grappled with it at some point. Please let me know any points or stanzas that you noticed I stumbled. I also believe that it’s “intense”, that’s why a poet needs not think much about others but allow the muse as is to retain its “poetic effects” – something natural.

  8. Whoa!
    This is awesome and deep. A lot of hidden meanings.
    But to think up this….

  9. @Kaycee: Thanks a lot for your comment. But to think up this… A lot of things are truly hidden, and I was thrilled at your mention of that. Thanks again.

  10. Like Kaycee said, “a lot of hidden meanings.”
    There lies the beauty of this poem.

    Positive energy….Well done!

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