Hail The School

Hail The School

Hail the school
Hail the ocean that flows
Ever and ever it flows
Quenching the thirst of children
Thirsty of knowledge with water of wisdom

Here we read and rolled
Here we learnt with laugh
Here we were trained to be tall
Here we learnt to love
Here we were and won

It looks like yesterday
But it was long ago
We were here to school
In these same walls we sat
As invaluable knowledge were imparted.

Hail the walls that stand
Stand forever and ever
Ever they stand to save
Save and shade children from the bitching sun
Bitching, beating sun of ignorance
Ignorance we couldn’t afford to live with.

10 thoughts on “Hail The School” by layrite (@layrite)

  1. Yeah, this is so cool and so true.

  2. Education is sure a necessity.

    1. It is a necessity and a right. Thanks for reading and your comment.

  3. I like.

    Straight to the point.

    1. Glad you liked this.

  4. I particularly like the last line, “Ignorance we couldn’t afford to live with”.


  5. a simple but rich poem, encapsulating the malady of ignorance and the health of knowledge… thanks Dunni…

  6. what a tribute…

  7. Good and on point. Thumbs up.

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