The “X” factor


As I look forth to yet another iterative phase of my entrepreneurial pursuit, the X factor comes to mind.

X, the unknown variable! Expressible in many words, phrases, languages yet culminating in the same symbol,”?”.

How interesting this universal factor! Captivating, the task required towards resolving its unknown state. Suspense, the mood to describe the journey that goes into resolving it. Mysterious, how the dots connect after it is resolved.

X, that which defines us; brings out the best of us (well, negatively too but that’s not the focus here), draws upon our inner strengths some of which we may never have thought existed, leverages upon what we possess together with the abstract, evolving and evoking actions which set man apart from lower animals.

X, present in our spiritual nature. For the believer, it epitomizes our true image as God’s replica. Yet, it’s that which defines the insecurity of some. Little wonder, there’s hardly any religious denomination or cult without a following no matter how obscure its beliefs. All in a bid to resolve man’s yearning for acceptance and search for true purpose or identity.

X, that which is itself behind the celebrated discoveries, innovations and inventions of the human race. From the complex – chicken pox, once an X with devastating effects on humanity, eventually resolved by the discovery of its vaccine, thanks to Michiaki Takahashi; electric lighting, once an X now resolved, thanks to Thomas Edison; telecommunication, once an X now resolved, thanks to Graham Bell – to the simple things we take for granted – in air travel, bus rides, water pumps, bath tub, gas cooker, electric iron, money, TV…all once X’s at different times in our history but today humanity basks in the comforts of their demystification.

X, ubiquitous in its state of presence across every sphere of our existence hence, remains with humanity today. For this reason, progressive researches, mental ponderings, trials, inventions characterize our creative processes.

On a personal note: this first degree once an X unravelled before my very eyes; this career path, once an X now resolved; that problem, once an X now put to bed. Yet too, even more X’s: the quest to get paid, put food on tables, pay utility bills, put smiles on faces, walk down the aisle with the special one, make heaven of my world etc remain.

The foregoing just about sums up the need to keep our enthusiasms fired up and burning. We’ve been there before and drawn upon our inner potentials together with the abstract or external powers whatever their origins and resolved the X. Besides, life’s meaningless without the X: dull, boring, uninspiring, routine, and one-way. Let’s face it, if there were no responsibilities to cater for, no jobs to chase after, no goals to strive towards even through obvious odds then life’s better imagined than experienced.


With my backpack hanging behind my back, its goodbye to my dear ones as I hit the road once again towards resolving my X.



4 thoughts on “The “X” factor” by getto (@technobayo)

  1. hmmm,
    you just helped me put sth into perspective rite now and cos of that, my ‘X’s resolved.
    good one!

  2. Good poem. Lets find our X and solve.
    I’m off to solve mine *winks¤

  3. Thanks to my X girl friends, my wild oats have been sown.

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