The path

The path

I have chosen this path

That’s my way

It is a dream come true

The roads maybe narrow

I will continue to stagger

With my dagger dangling along with me

It will pay some day

On a gloomy day

When all hope have gone sour

When laughs have made me to hide in shame

It will be a rag to riches

Zero to hero

No more lack or want

Gongs and drums will make melody

So I dance from a distance

Where I have gotten my stance.

14 thoughts on “The path” by Uchechukwu Obiakor (@uchechukwu1)

  1. help me understand these two lines…i think my decoding of this poem lies therein:

    With my dagger dangling along with me

    It will pay some day…what will pay someday?

    1. This path he has chosen to walk…

    2. @adaobi, the dagger i did say means my pen.

      it will pay some day means that this writing will pay some day

  2. Nice one Uche. Nice one.

    Feel like this is the story of my walk…I never will quit!

    1. you got it oga seun

  3. Nice poem.

    We are on the same path bro…but don’t use the dagger oo if eventually the road becomes too narrow for both of us. hehe!

    1. hahaha…i won’t.thanks

  4. Cool stuff.

  5. ThankGod I don’t have to go through all that suffering!
    About that dagger, Uche what………

  6. Nice one bro…just clean it up small…the spelling errors like maybe [may be] etc…

    U try.

  7. every one must choose a path to walk in- nice poem

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