Strength Of A Woman

Strength Of A Woman

Name of character: ADAH

The Book Title: Second Class Citizen

Author’s name: Buchi Emecheta

Adah, the main character of the book grew up in an environment where women were not allowed to go to school, but she stubbornly maneuvered her way to school, knowing that being educated is one way she can achieve her dreams of going to the United Kingdom and becoming a successful writer. She struggled to attain her dreams despite all odds. Even after she got to the United Kingdom, she was faced with one obstacle after another. She moves from an elevated position in her birth country Nigeria to a very deprived class in a principally white dominated society.

She struggles with being a good mother, wife and breadwinner in a racially prejudiced environment. But at the end of it all, she came out victorious. It shows me that the author is someone who believes in the strength of the African woman and that our success in live depends on how much and how far we are willing to go to achieve our dreams not what people think about us or what they want us to believe we are. I personally identified with the character Adah because of her strong will and independence. She went through so much and yet she remained strong through it all. Even when her husband became abusive and demeaning, though she was the one supporting the whole family, she never gave up on her children or her dreams. She so much reminded me of myself and I see myself doing the same things she had done if I were to be in her shoes.

Name: Idhugwe Barbara Chijindu.

Location: Warri, Delta State.

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  1. I read this book long time ago. One of my favs really…the part where she moved into a very deprived and depraved housing project in the UK with her husband was well described and the imagery I still carry around in my head till date. The way she had to struggle through jobs just to keep the family together…the struggle.

    I can relate to most of what the book was about; the strength of the African Woman which I dare say is more resilient than that of the African Man…. Nice selection @barbaracakes

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