Poet Of Highest Order

Poet Of Highest Order


Lovely poet of the highest order

who do employ rhyme schemes and order

made us men our minds your paper

your words in us spirits that shower

laid your thoughts as our inks in our hearts

by your first utterance taught us these arts

governed our pens in making word charts

as silence and piercing as darts

Beautiful poet of the first order

who have made us one, sister, brother

who are the indescribable definition of wonder

gives us these awed inspiration running yonder


12 thoughts on “Poet Of Highest Order” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. first tot? beautiful
    2nd? creative
    3rd? write again…am a poet! i love that you wove these lines 4 me.
    4th? plz, stop making me always download your poems!
    5th? kudos!

    1. Okwy thanx again for ur lovely comments…i was really angry when i wrote this one morning.

  2. Good poem. I love the rhyming.
    Seems you’re unsure of yourself, u got to focuse more on the diction and meaning, not only the rhyming.
    Good poem though.

    1. thanx lactoo, praise be to God who inspires us to pen down lines for our generations

  3. lactoo..i strongly disagree with you. the poem rocks, and the diction,, on point!

    1. thanx smartfinger for ur comment and courage.

  4. @Smartfingers and @ Lactoo what is the argument?

    Piece is OK, bur there are some sticking points for me though.

    laid your thoughts as our inks in our hearts”

    made us men our minds your paper”

    These two lines for me are shaky.

    made us men and our minds your paper” – breaks the two themes and makes them stand equally I fink.

    laid your thoughts as inks for our hearts” or
    “you laid your thoughts to serve as inks for our hearts” same thing but more compact I fink.

    Nice work.

    1. shai thanx to u too, i guess i would never knw if u didn’t tell me. i will remember next time too.

  5. The poem indeed rocks!
    You too much.

    1. thanx Kaycee. you too much too.

    1. thanx Ray, no be chocolate sha!

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