Our Quest!

Our Quest!

We came to church as we are
Our face without bath we came
Our hearts beat as drum as we encountered
The awe in fellowship and brotherhood

With sour breath at times we came
Again from workplace in pains and weakness, famished we came
To relish with discipline and keep divine appointment
To be renewed and refreshed for days ahead

We came as we are small and great
Savouring what His presence presents
With bated expectations we enjoyed
We bathe with our strength in divine ecstasy on rest days

Drenched in rain and on those very hot days we came
Dry-cold times we plunged into the cathedral
We enjoyed the spectacle as divinity rests on humanity
The experience like children we cherished

Now seasons have passed,
Now the small is great
Now the great is mighty!
Now the mighty keeps the pace in the quest hill bound…

In the quest to check out in victory
Having conquered this divide
To hear Him say on the other side
“Enter into the joy of the Lord!”

14 thoughts on “Our Quest!” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. i love this work so much
    i daily renew my strength and am transformed daily in His presence.
    but…is the portrayal of these ones, dirty/unkempt deliberate? and how deliberate? maybe an inward dirtiness might have also worked.

    1. It was surely deliberate @adabiokwy. Remember the church is not for perfect people, it is for the perfection of the saints.Eph 4:6

  2. i don’t think i like the ryhmes of this poem. is this really poem?

    1. poems come in different forms. some rhyme, some don’t, some are long, some are short and some are some where way in between. i think this is poem and a good one at that.

      1. Yeah. Poems don’t have to fit it any particular rhyme scheme or structure…but THERE ARE guidelines that differenciate between poetry and prose.

      2. pleasure (@basittjamiu)

        The poem is greatly created

  3. @sambright, this is a beautiful poem. I can totally relate.

  4. @ all thanks for your comments God bless.@ latoo this is a poem!It is my style….read more of my poems here and discover my style.This is called free verse!

  5. Yeah. It’s quite uplifting.

    1. i appreciate.

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