Ordinary People

Like most ordinary people, I know that we are all different and are meant to achieve goals and have diverse gifts and talents. Not everyone is meant to be rich or famous, glamorous or beautiful; the list goes on.
It’s a blessing to have a mixture in life in this manner. Perfection is not so common in the human race; except of course those who have come near it, either in career or personal life.

Can you imagine what our world would be today without ordinary people? I mean those people who you think really have no meaning in your life….say the newspaper man, or that dirty little girl who lives down the lane always picking her nose. It could be the bagger in the grocery store, or the pharmacist in your local pharmacy. These people are the most important people in your life because they help make you feel superior and special, but to you, they are insignificant.

Your perfect world would come crashing down if they did not exist, you would cease to be so almighty because there would be no one to look do upon, and wow….you would be just as they are: ordinary.
These unimportant people are the ones who make your farce of an existence worthwhile, they give your ego the enormous boost it needs to sustain it…suddenly you realize that your giant existence, is in a very small world indeed.

Take me for instance, an average person in many ways; not too short, nor to be considered tall. Not too ordinary looking as far as attractiveness goes, and when it comes to accomplishments or status, I would be right there in the below the margin line. This may seem dismal to many and some may wonder why I choose to describe myself as such…….you know what they say, to each his own. In all of this, somehow I still find peace and satisfaction in my world.

The very balance of life would break if we were all equal and the same. As ordinary as I have described my reality, there are still some who would consider my world wonderful and near perfect; and then there are still some who would consider those who find my world wonderful, to be in a wonderful world themselves and this goes on . My take is that somehow, this is how its all supposed to be. Some may say that this is an unfair balance, but i say it is predictable.

At some point in life we all get a shot at something big, now this will of course be determined by the standard and level at which you are placed in this chain of balance. I also believe in the after life, so if you have not had yours in this life, perhaps in previous manifests you did. So before man can begin to feel all smug and special, let us weigh the balances and consider this; that man who presently cleans your toilet may have been the one whose excrement, say a few hundred years back, you tasted because he was considered some freaking god or king (like in the case of the Chinese), or something. Can you really imagine this? They actually had poo poo tasters back then!

If you really think about it, stranger things have happened in human history, consider the possibilities eh…mind boggling.

As for me and this belief I have, I’ve decided to be kinder and gentler with strangers. This way I can limit the possibility of my total destruction and humiliation, that is assuming it has not already happened.
Some of you would be thinking right about now….what do you call this life you have now?…..Yeah…. I get it, but still hear me out. Be kinder! Take that extra minute or two to show appreciation, say thank you to the doorman or the checkout lady at the grocery store.

These basic courtesies have never harmed any human, so lets face it, if my belief holds true, imagine this scenario. You wake up suddenly one day, and find yourself in the employment of someone you had not been too kind to. Don’t forget this, now you are dead! people are still mourning you on earth, but you have moved on. Now you are in another plane of manifest and yes!…..it’s poo poo platter people! enough said…..lets just be good to each other, it costs us nothing to be kind.

5 thoughts on “Ordinary People” by Dotta Raphels (@dottaraphels)

  1. you have a very beautiful piece here!
    yeah…maybe cliche given ur title but then, you took something so ordinary and made it so…wow!

    check though
    when u used after life…u went to previous life. after life really means after life…lol.

    the last lines too need a little retouching. They bumped together as if your tots over-lapped (they do…not on paper)…Dont forget this, Now you’re dead???

    plz keep writing.

  2. I don’t believe in the afterlife or previous life. But I agree its good to be kind.

  3. We are just ordinary people, each and every one of us….but with extra-ordinary gifts and responsibilities…

  4. just wonderful

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