No More!

No More!

Flaunt no more your ‘weapons’

In them, my picky eyes takes no delight

Like a false advert plaguing clients with blights

They are just shiny roses amid deadly thorns

Woe-man, weep not if futility results from your frantic strides

in trapping my heart, for hand-in-hand with failure, love rides

Am not blind, am much aware of the eye signals

Am not deaf, my ears grasp the desperate pulses of your heart

Insensitivity, you say you hate in a man ‘abi’?

(Sighs) What of insincerity?

What of insecurity?

Of a truth, you deserve no heartache

No doubts! with me, that be your sourly fate

Rome, they say never become in a day

My heinous love ‘tools’? forged long ago, by a lady of flay

As speedy seconds transformed to wearied minutes

Lonely Minutes to frustrated hours

Cumbersome Hours to routine-ridden days

Love-hunting days to love-hoping weeks

Love-battered Weeks to recuperating months

Recuperating Months to vengeful years

In the eyes of woe-men I have caus’d hot streams to flow

Take heed Woe-man! Be no victim! Steer clear!

Drop your weapons and flaunt them no more! …


Amusa Tenibegiloju Smartfingers…The Redefinition

16 thoughts on “No More!” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. Hehehehehehehehehe, me thinks them woe-men did a good number on you. You ά̲̣яε still hurting.

  2. hmm…very creative especially in the last 10-lines. Could be very sad what happens sometimes, butut I think the recuperating months don’t need to turn to vengeful years.

  3. Loved the idea behind the poem. I think you used the word ‘ridden’ out of context.

    Well done!!!

    1. no mind me jare. used the word without second thoughts, should have used LADEN instead, will edit my scripts. thanks

  4. See beef, hehehe…

    1. na beef, some pains wont just go away with time

  5. @opeyemi may be. thanks
    @mikes abi? still dey vex oo
    @all thanks

  6. Line 2: “In them, my picky eyes takes no delight” (My picky eyes take no delight)

    Are you threatening “woe-men”? lol

    1. thanks jare, noted. Just dont wanna hurt anymore…

  7. Tenibegiloju indeed! Good piece, real good one. Woe-men, BEWARE!

    1. Da writing Engineer, you like my name? Kudos jare!

  8. Another broken-heart turned to stone!!!

    1. yea another stone-heart, waiting to be melted with fire of love! thanks man

      1. Cool. I like ur art.

  9. Hahahahahaha….
    I feel you jare, no more!
    Nice one you got here smartfingers,welldone.

  10. guess we can’t be tired of lovelorn,broken heart,inter-alia…one of those things shee…nice one.

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