Pull my strings oh Muse,

And my smart fingers will

Dance to your tunes

Of worthy poetical skills

And terse-verse lyrical cores

Table me a choice, Oh muse

Either road I choose,

Still pull my strings

For my audience are starving;

Their tongues of praise is parched

Buy my thoughts Oh Muse

Not with a meager penny

But with inspirations so many

More than the birds boarding the sky

Let’s drench their burnt tongue

And feed their empty bowel

With stacks of poetic manna;

Oceans of rhythmical wines

Lest they doubt my finesse

And I curse your worthiness!


15 thoughts on “Muse!” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. Your audience won’t get enough of you, if you keep this quality up.

  2. beautiful piece

  3. Thanks (bows and exit)

  4. @smartfingers I hope ur muse doesn’t run away like calliope did, Απϑ D̶̲̥̅̊ one before her. :)
    I like this very much though. Another very nice piece.
    Fortunately, I av not posted M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ rejoinder to sweet calliope.

    1. Come again? Who get parched tongue Απϑ empty bowels? :(

      1. no mind me jare, all na poetic lies…

  5. Nice piece, keep going

  6. I don’t have a muse. If I do, he/she/it must be one scary dude…


    1. Lol. U fink?

    2. Ahahaha, I can imagine Raymond!

  7. Muse…oh ever elusive sylph…


    Nice one jo!!!!

  8. Ahahaha, Ironical that your name is smartfingers. An ode to the Muse never gets boring! Beautiful! Well except those moments she refuses to show up, lol

  9. abi, the writer is ready, the pen is overflowing with ink..what can he do,if she doesn’t come around?

  10. I wonder why the Muses had to be female though..

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