Little grown-ups (2)

Little grown-ups (2)

It didn’t take long after Mr. Akume’s tragedy ended when Obaro came. Obaro was a girl of about fifteen years living with her parents in a small face-me-I –face-you apartment. She didn’t make the last JSS 3 exams and so, I suppose she was still in the same class. Obaro was the ugliest and dirtiest girl in our quarters. Many a times the other girls would gather and would make mockery of her baggy blouse which she wore regularly and which made how look like some superannuated hags in horror movies. Whenever anyone was making jest of her, she would sing Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of many colors’. Since then, her nick-name had been “Coat of many colours”.

I did not bother to spy at her for any reason. I waited patiently until she finished. Before then there was already a long queue of others waiting… Aduke, Edirin, Alero, Osume, Mama Nkechi… It was obvious that nothing was going to be ‘sacred’ anymore, and that I would have to do some serious hiding if I expected to succeed in this dangerous escapade. After an examination of those on queue I teetered my way up the hole, preparing for a delightful watch. As if by mutual agreement or an act of respect, it was mama Nkechi that came to have her bath first. Without much ado, she quickly hung her rapper and towel on the rope by the entrance of the door of the bathroom. And at once, she was completely nude! Believe it or not, before then, I had never seen a real woman in the flesh naked. I had seen them on the TV and in movies but not in the flesh. I used to think that if any woman would be kind enough to let me see her naked in the flesh I would be grateful or even give her all my belongings and life-savings for her generosity.

But here was me watching the nudity of the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world free of charge! Voyeurism, wasn’t it? Mama Nkechi was an epitome of feminine elegance. Her entire body was well-moisturized and chunky. I stared at her vagina area and guess what I saw? A clean-shaven pubic hair that exposed the real essence of her womanhood; I gaped at her big jiggling buttocks and wonder how Mr. Emeka must have done justice to them during foreplay. I was amazed at the rotundity of her breast despite being a mother of three. Mr. Emeka must have had a taste of heaven several times while munching those sexy bodies and kissable lips for Satan knows how many times. As I wander in my thought, I felt strong movements around my groin. It was clear that some soggy fluids were running through my boxers. So this was Mama Nkechi, one woman I have long had erotic desires for to no avail. I gawked more at her. She arched her laps and some slimy, juicy, creamy substances began to drop from her vagina. By this time she was sponging her body tenderly. Bubbles formed as a result of the foams from her soap. This further increased her grace. No doubt, I was greatly tantalized by this vivacious woman’s body. As she made to wear her pants after toweling herself, I heard the sound of fart from her gigantic buttocks. How I hate it when beautiful women fart! It seemed to take the romance out of it. They were already gorgeous and I felt they shouldn’t gas. At once, all my desire seemed to have been swept off with that sordid act. I was later relieved when Mrs. Emeka finished her bathing and Alero came into the picture.

Alero was a dark complexion girl of about fifteen years of age. I had long been her secret admirer but I was unable to tell her because of her high taste and “level”. We Warri boys know by instincts when a girl would not accept our overtures. In all the time I have listened to Alero talked, the emphasis had always been money. She would stress her high taste, the importance of perfume, roll on and cream in her beauty regimen, and why she could not go nude before young boys let alone date them. From all the time I had known Alero, I viewed her as someone who never joked with her body. She valued herself more than anything in the world. It was through Alero that I got to know that some girls are also ashamed of going nude before their female counterparts no matter the closeness just as we boys do. Despite the bond of friendship between her and Aghogho, Ejaita, Ufuoma and Omasan, she would never agree to bath at the same time with them meanwhile all the other girls do it with one another.

It didn’t take long before Alero loosened her towel which she tied across her shoulder. Then squatted, stripped off her purple designer pants and began to wash it with some water from her bucket. As she did that, she was urinating at the same time. Outside from Alero’s tender body and luscious breasts, I was greatly amazed by the shade of her mature womanhood. Her vagina hairs were well trimmed and they were just growing back. I have never seen anything well-cared for, so stimulating to that extent throughout my short sojourn on planet earth. There was really no little girl in this world anymore. Maybe that was why they said age is nothing but number. Despite the huge surprise I got from watching mama Nkechi, I was absolutely taken aback by the adult size and shape of Alero’s private world. Somehow, in my dreamy state, I felt Alero was selfish. How could she have this exquisite fruit and she does not want to share!

Meanwhile, I really took my time to feed my eager, hungry eyes before Alero finished. After then, Omasan, Ejaita and Ufuoma came on board. I stared at the trio with much excitement but not in the same measure with what I got from Alero. Although, Omasan’s body, down to her vagina was well built but not in any way near Alero. She was the kind of girl the typical Warri boy would describe as, “she arrange.” Well, I gaped at Ejaita’s long leg and her curved pussy; I also took time to stare at Ufuoma’s protruding breasts and her unshaven bush.

I did not spare Aghogho too when it came to her turn. I ogled at her nude body greedily and wish I could have them all to myself. She was more beautiful inside than she was outside. My manhood neared breaking points as I imagine myself shoving it into that sweet, feminine cavity. I also spent the most time voyeurizing the other girls. I must say that besides Alero, Omoze’s body greatly impressed me.

Then came Osume! She was the greatest of all wonders. Osume carried with her a small handbag where she brought a pack of shaving stick. To my utter surprise when she hung her towel and stripped her underwear, it was a different Osume I saw! It was then I realized what I had always taken for granted. Osume had thick sets of bushy, alluring hair in her womanhood which looked as though they have been shaven several times before. Her bigger-than-self breast and round body glowed with intense passion. There at the bathroom, Osume comported herself with womanly expertise. I took my time to carefully admire her ‘headquarters’ and at once I felt a burning desire which made me conclude I must ‘spin’ her. She was indeed too ‘big’ and too mature for her age. Or should I say she was ahead of her time?

Osume started to shave. She began from her armpit. Within few minutes, she was able to attain a clean shave. And then she continued with her vagina. As she did that, she circled her legs in order to be able to do a thorough job. I watched and watched with tormenting pleasure. As it seemed nobody was waiting behind, Osume took her time to do her thing. She poured what seemed like Detoil in her rubber. I saw her grinning satisfactorily at her well pampered body. This was not surprising as balanced diet was her mum’s stock in trade. She began to sponge her body now. The soap she held in her hand was either ‘Dove’ or ‘Avon’. Osume scrubbed every parts of her body-arms, head, ears, back, legs, vagina… with tender seriousness. When she ended, she carefully rinsed foams out of her body and mopped it with her towel neatly. She bent down smartly and took a certain cream out of it. I could clearly see what was written on it-‘Nature Essence”. It looked like costly pomade. Osume was indeed a big girl.

I was there that fateful day at the back of the bathroom watching naked women for close to one hour. I had wanted it to continue for eternity but the show ended too soon when Osume took her leave after having her bath. It was then I saw mama Ufuoma coming towards the bathroom. I was not interested in peeping at older women and so I jet off through Mama Nkechi’s vegetable’s garden through which I came. I remember coming back to that same spot several times after that day to peer at these pretty girls. Whenever I look back at those times, I would say “God forgive me”. Well, but as for this lovely pastor’s daughter in our church, I am yet to figure out what to do about her. Perhaps, I still need to call Ogaga on phone to inform him about the matter. But, oh no! I was just trying to see how to get Ogaga’s phone number when I learnt he had become a serious member of one of the new generation churches. Come and see ‘Wizard boy.’ Anyway, if so doxology!

By Ochuko Tonukari

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  1. This disgusted me! Was this supposed to be erotic or what? If I were a woman, you would pay for this insulting and degrading post.

    1. Hail Mary! Holy Mary! It wasn’t meant to disgust anybody. It was simply an attempt to recapture some of the pranks I got into as a child. It doesn’t make me the most spoilt or bungled human being as you think. It only shows that as a child, perhaps due to the environment I grew up in and the company I kept, I got involved in some stuff you didn’t and that kind of makes me different from you.hahahahhahahahhahahha!!!

  2. You go fear na, I don’t think I would like to do that if given the chance. Lol! But you write well.

  3. Sigh.

    WOnder what to make of this.

    1. Brother, I just tire!

  4. The story felt unresolved to me. What made the narrator stop their ‘Peeping Tom’ escapade?

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