Some invest in silver, gold and all that shimmers

Some in their allies, folks and families

Some in thrifts and assets that knows no wither

And every wealth is an offspring of well spent monies

And every savings births a long, commensurate yield

For when the farmer plow and sow in due season

He sits back and delights in harvest bounty


Alas! Ours never fits all the pictures I’ve seen

“What thou sow, thou shall reap” so they say

Mine gainsays that, for I reap weeds for wheat

On the sweet nectar of the flower, the bee relish

And in turn, she dole out pollens thereupon to cherish


After a filling, delightful graze on the earth’s greens

The cattle bless the soil; big, big dung to cherish; a token!

O paramour! Only in frowns and laments are you golden

Tell me, when the landlord is locked out in solitude

How better is he than a fate-forsaken destitute?


Go on! Siphon me more with straws of sycophancy

When sanity visit my ensnared lovey faculty

I  shall walk the long road to where I belong

I’ll kiss my children, embrace my allies and plead her pardon

For in their investment, great returns beckons!


Amusa Tenibegiloju Smartfingers …The Redefinition!

5 thoughts on “Femme-fatale!” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. bad guy. you are tight.

  2. Is she a femme fatale or the so-called landlord did not use his senses?

  3. Na wetin be femme fatale?
    Is that a gurls name?
    You ά̲̣яε tight.

  4. this is okay…
    like this woman already…don’t ask why!

  5. Using users.


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