She met him,

The dreaded one,

The one as dark as a moonless night.


She met him,

He who is feared,

Whose presence turns blood into ice.


She met him,

Talk of the town,

That bi-sexual, child-loving pervert.


She met him,

That twisted mind,

Underestimated by many.


She met him,

The axe-wielder,

Terror to many, savior to some.


She met him,

Draped in mystery,

That insatiable maniac.


She met him,

Cursed by mankind,

Devoid of emotion, a monster.


She met him,

And knew it was he,

She begged for mercy, but he took her.

14 thoughts on “Death” by Miss Sarah (@tokuharash)

  1. hehehehe…bi-sexual child loving pervert!
    i love this work because you showed an understanding of death when u said…’savior to some. u didnt make out that agent to be all bad…

    1. thank u. some people seem to think of death as a way out of life’s problems….cowards

  2. I ditto Ada..”That bi-sexual, child-loving pervert”- i love this line, ‘he’ can’t be better described.. nice piece(y)

  3. Love this poem,the way u use your imagery is nice.

  4. I like the way you portray your thoughts on the theme.

    I have a question though : “That bi-sexual, child-loving pervert.”

    Is that in reference to the fact death takes both men and women, children too? Or is there something more???

    1. my two cents? i understood it that way.
      whatever though, poetry is universal and understanding is…universal 2.

    2. U got that right. that’s exactly what i meant

  5. You sure know a lot about death, I ditto with shai on his question, all the same its a nice poetry

  6. Shai. Na wetin e go be be that…and also the fact that death is sexless…

    Well done Sarah.

  7. You personalized death too well, very creepy. But I did not like the perverse sexualization. But hey, it’s your poem.

  8. First it was love, sex. now its death, Lucifer, hell. Ok naa.
    Way to go NS.

  9. Thank you very much for your comments…Though I still have a very bad case of writer’s block. :(

  10. Hehehehe…..the last stanza got me laughing. Nice one here…

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