9 thoughts on “boy (art)” by stephen (@atchikichaka)

  1. This is so telling a story. There is a down cast look of hunger,neglect and disappointment. That suggests the Nigerian child.

  2. i blv pictures tell a thousand stories.
    i wouldn’t say Naija child o…lol.
    picture of a dejected soul…
    thank you for the chance 2 be retrospective

  3. Emmmm, I tot we were writers here O°˚˚˚!.
    We only use words to do this na…

  4. yea i wouldnt say Nigerian child either (maybe Somalian child … just kidding) . this is poster boy of suffering all over the world. a reminder that no child should be like this. nice job.

    @kaycee .. these are his words. i believe there is room for art any and everywhere.

    1. I didn’t get the memo? So we can upload our pictures? Like in fcbk?
      Ok naa

      1. As in…let’s go there…!

        But wait…all those wonderfully creative people who only write erotica nko? Eeeeps!!!

        before they begin calling NS a …. site…

  5. thanks everyone!…its just that this work of mine has been published in a handful of journals around, so i decided to push it in NS, it’ll be on exhibition this year in poland along with some of my works…feel free to tag along.

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