Army Arrangement

Army Arrangement

 Just when we thought

The carnival was over

We heard stomps throughout

That made warriors quiver


The khaki boys ploughed and ripped fort

Tearing down all that peace could render

Gigantic loots. None questioned or fought

For if you did, your sojourn would be over


Atrocities tough as iron wrought

Our plight did less for a mind make over

Instead, incarcerations flowed forth

Including men of brevity and steel liver


But the struggle was weaved on thought

So on, and on and on victory rolled over

And just when the carnival music stopped

An agbada-wearing khaki boy took over

7 thoughts on “Army Arrangement” by JAY'S PLANET (@JaysPLANET)

  1. OBJ!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice one man…I like the structure.

    Like…just when we thought it was over…

  2. Ha!
    Very meaningful. The poem over make sense!

  3. Hehehehe….Ota Farmer for that matter.

  4. funny…but true…the military is still in control of this country.nice work.few words telling a lot.

  5. Thanks for reading. I appreciate :-)

  6. strong voice
    nice work!

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