Weekly Update: 19 – 26 August 2011

Weekly Update: 19 – 26 August 2011


NLNG Prize Nominee, Uche Umez chats with Naijastories
Date – Friday, sept 2, 2011
Time – 3 – 4pm Nigerian Time (Please we start on the dot)
Venue – NaijaStories Chatroom (Click on the green WIBIYA bottom bar)
At the end of the chat, a lucky member who has taken part in the chat will receive a free copy of Runaway Hero, the NLNG nominated book by Uche Umez.

My Favorite Nigerian Character in a Book – Contest:
NaijaStories.com, is pleased to announce another online writing contest titled “My Favorite Nigerian Character in a Book”. The purpose in running this particular contest is to have fun and have us think about some of the characters we’ve encountered in books. Dates for Contest: Submissions open Today, August 28 – September 7.

Nigeria-based Author Services – Phantom House Books NGR (1)
Naijastories often receives queries from writers in Nigeria who feel their manuscripts are ready for the public and who need assistance breaking into the literary market. First in a line-up of informationals sourced by NS, we present a 2-part series by the agent behind Phantom House Books NGR. In the opening essay, Tejiri talks about the publishing terrain in Nigeria and what his agency is all about.

Adura Ojo Presents: MYNE WHITMAN – A Love Rekindled (Part 2)
In part two of the interview, Myne Whitman explains, among other things, why she decided to self-publish. “I had a vision for my stories, and it was not to languish in my cupboard. Also, this new technology, Print-on-Demand (POD) had just become widely available and I love trying out new things. Self-publishing followed closely from blogging, and I am likely to continue if there are no other alternatives that are acceptable to me. Most people don’t know it, but I have actually gotten to contract discussions with a traditional publisher. Their terms were not author-friendly, and so I moved on. I do send queries either directly to publishers or to agents, but I will not tie my fate as an author to another person when there is now a direct line from me to my readers.”



‘TRAFFICKED’ by Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo  
Myles Idoko – “I look at the cover and, the title, ‘TRAFFICKED’ gets me wondering. It’s a gripping name but it already tells me a huge chunk of the story before I read the first lines of the novel. However, the author is able to thoroughly describe the relationship between the ladies of oasis (the deported ladies) attesting to the profound belief that ladies hardly cope with themselves when living together.”

In Dependence – Sarah Manyika :
Adura Ojo – “In Dependence is the story of two lovers Tayo Ajayi and Vanessa Richardson – but it is more than that. The book spans four decades of Nigeria and its socio-political history from 1963 – 1997. As the reader gets to grips with the bittersweet love story of Tayo and Vanessa and the strength of it over four decades, they also become aware of Nigeria’s struggles with its colonial past, corrupt leaders and repressive regimes. Tayo is caught in the repressive system due to his ‘activist’ writings and he suffers for it.”

“On Black Sisters’ Street” by Chika Unigwe 
Joseph Omotayo grew up in Ubiaja, Edo state and writes, “Agreed, I haven’t read much on Nigerian-women-immigrant-prostitution because the multitudes of hearsays and valid stories that I have heard, ones which all culminated into the same story of women trafficking, could easily make banal any fiction that hinges on that theme.”

A review of Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone
Nwilo Vincent – “I had issues reading Ishmael Beah’s ‘novel’, A Long Way Gone. I am not against the fact that it is categorised as a memoir when a bunch of it reads like fiction. All memoirs have fancy lies. The lies make it richer. And writers are perfect liars too. I love the book. I love the pictures painted in the pages. I love the lives of the minors who were influenced by a foreign culture which later saved them.”

Nine Lives by El-Nukoya – Book Review
Elohor Turtoe – “For this review I choose not to call El-Nukoya’s work a novel; there is nothing novel about it (after taking into cognizance the fact that literally speaking novel means a new story), tales like this have been told before. Novelist and critic William Dean Howells expressed in theory and practise of philosophy that ‘literary art ought to mirror the facts of human life’, the author of Nine Lives followed the above statement to the latter and mirrored the facts of Nigerian life, well.



The Familiar Stranger by Rhema
Gigolo by Shai
Koko Jesus by Double-0-7
Shadow by Tade
Lost by Osakwe
Sister Folake (3) by Da Writing Engineer
The Housewife Series 2 by Ada
On Thin Ice 4 by Posh
Relevance by Amurawaiye Adeyinka
Somewhere on the banks of River Niger (1) by Toluwalase

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