The 7th King of Nigeria

The 7th King of Nigeria

O Hail the King

That lies along the ring
Beside the bank of Niger
Mauling fishes like an Ocean scavenger 

Lo, he knoweth not
That if a man wants rot
Before fall cometh pride
Pride; when on a high horse we ride 

Aye, the fishes are with the voice of men
Crying & Wailing like a Babylonian convict on his way to the den
And our king felt it fun
Hence, the mauling goes on 

But his hands killeth men
Our king knoweth not then
No aide would talk
Dare one, on his body shall it feed on; Hawk 

Behold, the lord of war won't stop
He kindle the furnace of hell with their fleshes
But the men can take it no more
Now, an alternative they seek 

Enough of yawning and folding of arms
The sickle is coming to their heads
This, they can't take
They seek the weakness in the king's prowess 

The Apple of an alien prostitute

A bite is enough to kill a wild bear
But our king ate much in the company of a beer

8 thoughts on “The 7th King of Nigeria” by Phumbie (@phumbie)

  1. Abacha!!!!!!

    Well said. I like.

  2. i really like this poem. it’s short. it’s intense…very deep and insightful.
    i loved the backward way you wrote this
    i REALLY love this

    He kindle(s) the furnace

    1. Thanks Ada, always helpful in fishing out those seemingly harmless tut tut, i really appreciate, shoulda been kindles. Much Love

  3. Yup! God definitely (dont) like ugly!

  4. Men and seductive apples! Hmmn!

    1. Hehehe…I dey tell U. From Adam like dis!!!

  5. Nice stuff.
    “D Sickle re comin to….” ,i lik dat.

  6. good but the font appears like that of a type-writer,,..lolzzzzzzzz

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