He does not call any longer
Her response seems clear to him now.
Her heart is committed elsewhere
And not swayed by his request.

She recalls their first meeting
It was planned without her knowing.
At a lunch date in a traditional eatery
He made his proposition.

What he offered was the longing of any nubile woman
He was friendly and polite.
Over a shared meal
He spoke of his background and personality
He did not feel that he was being too forward
As he saw in her a woman that loves God.

Staring at her phone she fumed
Fumed at her decision to turn him down
What’s the flipside of having a man in her life?
Oh men! So what now has it come to?

34 thoughts on “Stage” by petra (@petra)

  1. God catch you!!!!

  2. What does the Heiniken as have to do with the poem?

    Me likey sha…

    1. Thanks Seun … I didn’t get the Heiniken aspect though.

    2. I am scratching my head too @heineken.

      And of course @Petra what has it come to indeed?

  3. I honestly don’t understand this. Anyone care to explain it to me?

    1. @Myne, I think its about a gal who ‘fronted’ for a guy and is now regretting it in the privacy of her thoughts. Thats my interpretation anyway…

      1. Yes Myne, Da Writing Engineer is spot on.

  4. Lol kaycee.. Who God catch? The babe just want know her options

  5. Lol kaycee.. Who God catch? She just wants to know her options

  6. Is there a reason the third stanza has five lines?

    I couldn’t determine if the woman was sad or happy that “he does not call any longer.”

    If what he offered was the longing of any nubile woman, what seems to be the problem then?

    I found the last stanza confusing.

    I liked the first line of the poem, it looked very promising.

    1. @Rhema the prob is she wanted to do ‘shakara’ small….and then lost it all. I av had this argument before with gurls and guys – when you see something u like why not just go ahead and say it? Both ways that is. Sometimes, gurls will wait saying “it is a man’s place to come out and say his mind” – what if the chap is too scared of ruining a ‘friendship’ at the temptation of pushing for a relationship? Or what if a smarter no-gooder gurl spoils the fun, by having her fun with the chap??? lol! Both ways, you get screwed.

  7. Let her make up her mind joor!……lol.Women and their ways sha.This poem is an example of one of them.

    Well done!!!

    1. Hehehehe, If na me talk this one now, them go say I be male chauvinist.

  8. I no understand u o, no be u turn him down? abegi!

  9. nice prosaic poetry.

  10. Good flow, I must admit, but all the same filled with confusion. From the first stanza, I thought she was happy that he calls no longer. Then the account of their meeting and later regret. Haba! make up your mind, you cannot eat your eba and yet pretend that you miss it.

    1. Guy, I feel you… but at some point we all face issues that life springs on us. For her, this is how she bears her cross…confused!?!

  11. really really i don’t understand this peom. I think she needs more settling down while writing her peoms.
    Care to learn from me? Go read the peomr FIRST KISS and LACTOO.

    1. I advised you earlier to stop making a fool of yourself on NS, but since that vice is in your nature….

      1. Kaycee, abeg, make una just leave this guy alone. You know sometimes when someone refuses to heed your voice, you let them be!

    2. @louis/Lactoo, U seriously need feeding bottle. Ur work is nowhere near this one. When U get Ur thumb out of Ur butt and learn how to write, then U can try to criticize constructively.

      1. @Raymond, permit me to laugh like you -in caps though- HEHEHEHEHEHEHE. feeding Bottle?! U don finish dis guy o!

    3. hehehe….u need slots@Lactoo.
      @Raymond LWKMD!!!

      1. @Raymond @Kaycee u two are racists?!!! No, discriminators….oooh!!! I mean u re both too harsh! Hahaha!

  12. like this. Especially the last line that show her disgust with herself for how she is feeling.

  13. @ Rhema: there is no particular reason why that stanza has 5 lines. The woman in question is in a dilemma that is why at first one may not understand her.

  14. I understood this, even though it was a bit confusing. The last line didn’t really close the poem well. Still, good one anyways.

    1. Thanks Raymond… I can only get better hereon

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