Now, back home let us go
Is it not yet time?

For when ochre fluid flow
For fury faith
Who will be left to serve
When the faith takes the threshold?

Let us not be fooled
The blood will stop
Only when our fiery taste buds
Run out of its original blood

The plateau is painted in blood
For the satiation of fiery tongues
And the upper north in red crimson human cream
For a faith that preaches peace

Now have we not learnt enough?
Shall we not home, go back?
No! the dark lords thunders
They forever will remain hungry

So will the blood always flow?
Will our souls always run out on us?

Lets just wait till they push us to the wall
So we can scale it

5 thoughts on “Rage” by Phumbie (@phumbie)

  1. We don’t have to wait my dear Phumbie….lest the wall give way behind us cos of our weight. We need to fight….though God will be our strength…

    Nice one…

  2. I like this poem.
    There is a subtle undertone of a call to arms.

  3. Nigeria! Wake the fuck up!


  4. I love violence. We need its cleansing.

  5. I was turned off by so much blood and gore, but I agree that it is what rage and violence can lead to.

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