On thin ice (3)

On thin ice (3)

I confronted him immediately he got out of the bathroom but Debola explained that Sherry was feeling a little down at work and he decided to take her out, to see a movie and then afterwards they’d gone bowling.

“Don’t make a big deal out of this, Mo” he had said
“Are you sleeping with her?” I demanded
“What?” he screamed “How on earth would you think of such?”
“And how am I supposed to know you are not?”
“No, am not. She is just a colleague and my friend nothing more to it. Oh God, Mo…don’t ever think or say such a thing”

Then He went on and on telling how I was the only woman in his life and he would never cheat or do anything to hurt me. His eyes were already soaked with tears as he begged me never to think of such. I tried to believe him. But I found it hard to. Is he trustworthy? I thought within me. After all, Martha had told me that men could never be trusted.

The next day, the first person I went to see was Martha. I narrated everything to her and she started teaching me how to make life miserable for Debola; Nagging, whining and yawping, not cooking his food, ironing and so many other things.
“When you make life hard for them, they’ll regret ever cheating and they’ll come back begging ” She had said.
I heeded to her advice, I started nagging, whining and complaining about everything and guess what? Life became unbearable for me. When Debola noticed my changes, he’d asked me what the problem was, but I just shrugged and told him nothing. Our relationship then became so strained. Debola changed and everything got so bad that we almost stopped talking. He would spend most of his time, even weekends, outside with his friends or at work. I told Martha about it and she told me that he would soon come crawling and begging me, but he never did.

When I couldn’t take it any longer, I decided to open up to Him about what I was doing; making life miserable for him so that he would stop cheating.

Although he felt bad about it, he forgave and assured me that he would never cheat on me. We reassured ourselves of our love for each other that day and I promised to always trust him.

Things got better afterwards; Debola changed and returned back to his old self, spending time at home with me and being the person I had always known him to be. I did not let Martha know things had changed for the better, I just kept telling her that things were still bad.

Some couple of weeks later, Debola’s company was having its end of year party. I was invited and I invited Martha, who was about the only friend I had then. The three of us shared a table with one of Debola’s colleague and friend, Dayo. Sherry sat with some guys at a table not so far from ours, looking so angelic in her black alter neck gown. She had come to greet us earlier, and even complimented my diamond necklace, which Debola had given to me on my last birthday.

After what seemed like an hour of wining and dining, I excused myself to go to the ladies.
On getting back, I didn’t meet Debola and his friend on their seats. Martha told me that Dayo had gone to greet some friends while Debola went outside with Sherry.

“He said he’ll be right back” she said, pointing towards the exit and smiling mischievously.
As I sat down, Martha looked at me surprisingly,
“Are you okay?” she asked
“Yes… why?” I answered pouring some wine into my cup.
Immediately, she grabbed my hands and dragged me up,
“I said your husband went outside with that tramp and you are still sitting here” she said as she dragged me towards the exit door.
“So, what do you want me to do?” I asked, trying to release myself from her.
“Find out what they are doing together”
I didn’t reply her, I just followed her like a robot.

It was a little dark outside, breezy and cool. So many people were there; standing in groups of fours and threes, giggling, talking and drinking. It was like they were having their own party. We looked around for my husband, but he was nowhere to be found.

After searching for a while with no sign of him anywhere, we decided to go back inside.
And as we were climbing up the steps, we spotted Debola and Sherry holding hands, coming from the direction of the car park, heading towards us, back to the hall.

“No way” I screeched as I turned back, walking briskly, towards them. Martha was right behind me.

“You need to show them that you are not a fool” Martha shouted, trying to catch up with me.
“You must beat her up” she continued.

As we approached them, I shouted at the top of my voice, ignoring the people around,
“You shameless bastard, so you have been lying to me all this while that nothing is going on between you two, where are you coming from? Hehn?”
Sherry looked at Debola, releasing her hands from his, “I am sorry D.B, what’s the problem? Her voice was so calm and gentle.
At this time, people had started gathering around us and a car zoomed off just from the direction Debola and sherry were coming from.

“How would you know, Ho? “ I asked. “You are so useless and don’t even have any shame at all. You guys cannot wait or respect my presence? You went for a quick one abi? Do you have to do it all the time?”

Debola was not saying anything, he was just staring at me, in disbelief, like he was looking at a ghost.
Sherry excused herself and started walking away. Then I dragged her back.

“Where do you think you are going bitch?” I had shouted wanting to beat the tar out of her but Debola had to stop me; he couldn’t take it any longer.

“Stop all this rubbish, I mean what has gotten over you Modele? This lady just took me to introduce to her fiancé, and here you are, shouting like a vulture, are you insane? For your information, they are getting married next month” he shouted, throwing an envelope that contained the invitation straight at me, and taking a very hideous look at me, he walked away.
I had never seen Debola so angry.

Everything now dawn on me then. How could i be such a fool? Every eye was on me and I felt like the earth should just open up and swallow me up. I had totally messed up, and was really embarrassed.

Debola had left me, Sherry had gone back inside. Where is Martha? Was she not supposed to be backing me up? I thought as I looked around; she was nowhere to be seen. I was left high and dry.

As people walked away, I heard laughs and giggles. I felt like a trailer park trash. What on earth was I thinking, why would I do such a thing? I kept on asking myself series of questions, leaning on one of the cars that were parked not too far away from where it all happened.

After what seemed like ages of standing and mopping all alone, I saw Debola drive off in full speed, leaving me behind.
Then after awhile, Martha came to meet me. I didn’t ask her where she was coming from or where she had been, I just told her to drop me off at my house.

The drive to my house was silent; neither of us uttered any words. It was dark now .So many thoughts running through my mind, like what I would tell Debola, How I was going to beg him. I just wished it was a nightmare and I wanted to wake up.

As I alighted from her car, she held my hand, “Modele, please am so sorry about what happened tonight, guess we got it all wrong.
“Yes, I guess so too” I replied. “And please, I don’t ever want to see you again.”
I slammed the door and left, not looking back. She called after me but I didn’t answer her. She was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

When I got inside, Debola was not yet home. The gateman said he had not come around.
I tried all his phone numbers, but they were switched off. After trying like a hundred times, I decided to call Dayo, who told me he had not seen him since he left the party.

I hit the sofa, totally exhausted. Crying over my messy actions, the only thing I wished for was to know where my husband was. Maybe he’d gone to a club or he could be at a friend’s place I thought to myself.

I must have dozed off because I didn’t hear him come in, all I knew was that when I opened my eyes, I was face to face with Debola.
He was staring at me. His eyes were red, obviously from crying. His shirt was rumpled and dirty as if he had been in a fight and had gotten trashed in a pool of mud or blood. Don’t know what it actually looked like because my eyes were hurting from crying so much.

Then he suddenly burst into tears. Heavy sobs shook his large frame and plump tears rolled down his swollen cheeks. His face crumpled in pain and his whole body quivered as he knelt beside me and cried his heart out.

I was confused I didn’t know what to do. Was I not the one who was supposed to be doing the weeping and what could be wrong with him, I thought. Still Confused, I got myself together and held his hands.

“Sweetheart, I was so worried, where have you been? What happened to you? Are you okay?” I asked

He shook his head. He looked so pitiful.

“Modele, I had a little accident while coming home, but am alright now. Am alright” he said through the tears.

“Oh my God!”
“Where? How? Should I take you to the hospital..?” I asked, not knowing what to do.

“No, no worries, am okay now, no injuries. He squeezed my hands.
“I am so sorry, Debola, I put you through all this, I am sorry about what happened this evening, I promise not to do such a thing again, promise to…”I cried, tears flowing down my eyes.

“Shhhh!”He hushed me.
“Modele, I don’t know how to say this…….. I…I will have to leave you now, we will have to separate” he said, and it hit me like a grenade.

“Leave me? H…how do you mean?”

“Y…yes, leave, but whatever it is, know that it’s meant to happen that way and don’t ever think it’s your fault.
Always know that I love you and I will always do.”

“No, no, Debola, it has not come to this, we don’t have to separate, I…I believe it’s just a misunderstanding, a…and it’s all part of married life’s ups and downs. I am ready to give my all for this to work. Everything will be fine very soon…I promise. Or maybe we should see a counselor or something, but this is not a problem enough for us to separate” I cried.
I continued to give him reasons why we shouldn’t separate; promising to be a good wife and reminding him of all the good times we have had. This made us cry the more.

After a short while, I led him to the bathroom to get cleaned up, and like he said, there were just some minor cuts and bruises on his body. Then we went to the bedroom. Kissing softly and caressing each other, we made love with a kind of passion that I’d never felt before, holding each other tightly afterwards. I fell asleep in his arms, feeling wonderful, with Debola watching over me.

Right before crack of dawn, I opened my eyes. Realizing instinctively that he was not by my side, I turned over, looking for him. Not seeing him, I wore my night gown and left the bedroom. I checked for him in the bathroom and the kitchen, the library, the living room, but he was nowhere. Then it suddenly occurred to me that he must have gone to work. But why didn’t he wake me up before leaving I thought.

As I was climbing the stairs back to the bedroom, my cell phone rang.

It was Dayo.

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  1. I dont know what to say yet, is this the end?

    1. Lol…Nah,that’s not the end,the last part is coming soon…but hey,you can say whatever you wanna say,it’s opened for any criticism.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Good narrative as usual.Noticed a few tense confusions,would have pointed them out but typing from a mobile device.

    Well done!!!

    1. Thank you so much,Lawal…..I think I have this huge problem with tenses,I’ll try and read through again. Please can you help me point them out,when u re not using your phone? will really appreciate it.

  3. “Everything now dawn on me then.”

    ‘dawn’ suppose be ‘dawned’.

    And em…e be like say the Debola guy na ‘God’…as you dey capitalize im ‘He’…

    Wow. Wow.

    What now?

    Well done.

    1. Hmmmm…..I just saw that now ,
      Debola no be God o…,and my tenses,will work better at it.Thanks for pointing that out and thanks for reading.

  4. An interesting read. Well done.

    “I didn’t reply her,…”
    That didn’t work quite well. You could do away with the “her”.

    1. Thanks Rhema,that’s taken.

  5. Hmm…I’ll comment my reserve…

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      1. U welcome…*_O…

  6. Why do I have a feeling something’s about to go terribly wrong?

    Good work. Looking forward to part 4.

    1. @Uche, that’s a very bad feeling you got there,kindly discard it immediately..Lol.
      Thanks for reading.

  7. “Everything now dawn on me then. How could i be such a fool?”

    That above is very awkward. Now and then are opposites and cannot be together like you used them. There is tense confusion between the two sentences as well compared to most of the story in past tense. Also make sure your i’s are capitals.

    Everything dawned on me then. How could I have been such a fool?

    1. @Myne,thank you so much for the correction.Really appreciate this from you…

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