Ode to a Mutilated Heart.

The first poem isn’t long enough to stand on its own so, I had to add the second poem. They’re not in any way connected.


A puzzled frown then, a delightful smile

Higher the pursuit, the lower the resolve

Finally, a sudden crash

Crash to a conquerors bosom.


Stereotyped chats, moans, giggles

Through days and through nights

Prediction of mind

Knowledge of mood


The lower the resolve, more boring the time

A mock sudden realization

A blank note, a shrill midnight cry

Another mutilated heart is born.

My Sweet Wine.


Could we play the harp all night

The ballad sung by us

Telling the world our love story?


This wine is sweet but why this sweet?

Could it be we are drunken by it

Or do we dream it?


Could you be my Eros

Or the one to prepare the way?

Speak now for I think am muddled.


Could this be the reason I sleep so well

Forgetting all cares and tolls?

Have you used the portion of Ika?


Could this wine be the reason

My virtues cry out to me in moans

As in give in to you?


Could my virtues be vices?

Could this be it?

Could I be insane?


17 thoughts on “Ode to a Mutilated Heart.” by adaobiokwy (@adaobiokwy)

  1. Well, well, well…. I reserve my comments on the mutilated heart. But the second, the second, I really love.
    Grudging respect for this poet.

    1. @Kaycee…Grudging respect?
      thanx anyway.

  2. I like both…but the first one feels somewhat disembodied.

    Well done.

    1. @Seun,
      warms me that u like…
      that beats the crap outta me
      care to clarify?

  3. I actually prefer Ode to a Mutilated heart, except for one line “A mock sudden realization” Does it mean the person already knew? Then their heart shouldn’t be mutilated then, right?

    1. @Myne…thnx 4 stopping by.
      mock sudden realization? if I ‘believed’ all those ‘i thot he/she loved me tales; i might take love a little more serious.

  4. It made more sense to me when I shifted the comma in the first line of “ODE…” to read: “A puzzled frown, then a delightful smile.” I felt that there must have been a progression that culminated to the “Finally, a sudden crash” in line three.

    Nice poems.

  5. @Rhema…thnx 4 stopping by.
    push it anyway. whatever works 4 u’s fine

  6. I like this cuz I can relate to parts of the poem.
    I think you meant to write “As I give in to you” in the second to the last stanza?

    1. thanx 4 seeing that!

  7. I like the second one more.

    Well done!!!

    1. hmmmm,
      sth keeping us up? lol…mutilated hart, maybe?
      and thnx 4 stopping by

  8. Could you be my Eros

    Or the one to prepare the way?

    Speak now for I think am muddled.

    i respect the way you write, realistic, imagery, philosophy. these ur lines touched me through.

    1. i am so humbled by your comment.
      thanx 4 stopping by

  9. Somebody tell me how I missed this.

    “My sweet wine” is indeed sweet. Then I wondered “Could I be insane” lol.

    Nice work.

  10. The above comments refer.
    Adaobi, these are lovely poems. Deep and thoughtful.
    Well done.

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