Haters Republic

Haters Republic

Let’s leave the haters outta this

Let’s botch them and swim in the bliss

Let’s throw ’em into the abyss

In the company of bugs and fleas

Where else do they belong anyways?

They’ll sure enjoy the blissfull kiss


What name then do we call this?

The group who does nothing but diss

I ask; what appellation shall we brand this?

A clan as jobless as this?

Their tongue their only tool, pity ’tis

A synonym of dirt from whence jealousy oozes


So what do us about this?

A battalion of flimsy fleas

Lousy losers parading in blouse?


Should we bath them in our piss?

Or like a gent keep our peace?


I sit to think and think deeply on this

But all I feel for them is pities

A poor parade of lousy louts


Let’s reserve our thoughts for better things

Our logic for looming luxuries

So, we’ll gladly choose the latter; peace


Alas! On and on they’ll diss

Blowing up their senses to the breeze

But all I do is laugh, laugh and laugh in bliss

Nothing indeed is more golden than silence


*If only they spend Hate as currencies

These one’s will be the richest there is

In the Ripoblique for the Haters and the Hatees

7 thoughts on “Haters Republic” by Phumbie (@phumbie)

  1. To the haters…middle finger!

    Nice one…
    Even though the rhyme scheme felt forced in some places…
    The message is on point.

  2. haters, this is 4 u!

    my prob with this? forced rhyming as @Seun noted. plz…loosen them.
    agn…there’s a lot more to rhyme schemes than s/is/es and all that as I see in so many poems on this site…lol.
    @everyone… if we transcribe words and pronounce correctly, we’re half way there.

  3. Are those really rhymes? Breeze, silence, bliss? I don’t really think so.

    Nice message though. I wonder, what did we call such people before the advent of the word ,Haters?

    1. @Myne, hahahahaha, I can recall a few of those words in Naija parlance. Very Funny.
      Indeed ‘haters’ sounds too nice.

  4. lol…..haters republic,who’s their leader?

    nice one there

  5. Good effort,though I doubt if there is a word like pities.

    Well done!!!

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