august 25, 2011 5.00am.


I met number one

When I was young and yet still a young boy

It was more of crush than being with the ONE

But then, just like a bubble so fragile she did burst my purple joy



Number two came strutting along pretty soon

All smooth, suave and candy like hot

Still young and green I could only stare and swoon

My heart freezes, while my pants at her sight went hot


Then I grew into my own by three

Fine chic I met sitting under a pine tree

We seemed destined for something solid

Until loving her became a bore and something less torrid

By the time I got to four, I  was more assured

It seemed easy making her come a-running

Great fun it was to see her unassured

Because on the wings was number five a-coming


It was more of a game by five

Like running your hand playfully through naked fire

This one though didn’t last long

Because like with fire, you don’t want to get burnt


Love was a distant memory by six

A concept we constantly scoffed at and scorned

We both just came along for the ride and a quick fix

No hurt feelings when our backs we abruptly turned



Oh yea! Love peeped and beeped at seven

Somewhat too late it seemed even

Life was too easy and fun to give up

So, this Love I had to crush and let up











A debonair and gigolo I was at eight

A long history I had of hearts cracked

By my making or not I don’t give a hoot

For me, why my brain do I rack?


But then came along my perfect strike number nine

Sucked in so swiftly and deeply into her nectar of illusory bliss

Now trapped and well strung out on a line

Waiting feverishly and hoping this is not the last kiss!



41 thoughts on “Gigolo” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

    1. by the way can u bb me ur digits?

      1. Broda still waiting on U̶̲̥̅̊ now.

        1. Those who wait on this cat…

          Check ‘One Week One Trouble’ for details.

          1. 8-| ˚°◦hmmm!.. .

  1. @Kaycee wassup my man! Thanks. That was a ringing endorsement. Remember that very ruff draft I posted on BB? Na im be dis o!!! It was titled “perfect strike number 9” that time.

  2. @Admin!!! What happened to all my pictures? They told the story better o! Is there a censure on them ni??? *sobs*

    1. Most of your pictures have been left intact, an a couple removed according to site guidelines. Please read the Terms of Use linked at the bottom of the site. Thanks.

      1. awright o!!! I will read, AGAIN!!! That was reason I looked for silhouettes all over o!!!

  3. Well after all you did, one part of me wishes you do not have your happy ending, lol…

    1. @haba who did what? Lol. Sure looks like there is a conspiracy here somewhere…lol.

  4. Shai…this is a nice poem.
    I like the honesty and the pace of the work…
    beautifully written 2

  5. @Adaobiokwy thank you. Where av u been? London? London

    1. “Honesty” hmmmm.

  6. Perfect! Simply perfect. (part of me agrees with Myne though, lol)

    1. Said it before. U̶̲̥̅̊ just confirmed it, there íڪ a conspiracy going on.

      1. ‘conspiracy’ indeed.

        They must indeed be bored toothless.

        1. Are they all ol’ toothless grannies ni?

  7. Bravo!!!

    Beautifully done. Pleasure to read.

  8. @rhema ω•∙…◦*∙~Ώ~∙*◦…∙•ω. Thanks for the endorsement. Glad U̶̲̥̅̊ find it appealing (Απϑ thanks for not joining the conspiracy, lol)

  9. I like this. I’m not really into poetry but this I love.

    1. @osakwe thank U̶̲̥̅̊ Απϑ for ƔǒƲ to like it so much as to leave that line in golden print says something (there íڪ hope yet for our small group here).
      Once again, thank ƔǒƲ.

  10. All your ‘….’ asides…this is not bad.

    Nice one madam…nice one.

  11. @Seun leave asides! Must U̶̲̥̅̊ go Απϑ talk abilt thode ni? L̃̾Õ☺Õ̾Ô=D:D=));)ÕÔ☺ÔÕ̾L̃̾ @”asides Απϑ @madam.
    Thank U̶̲̥̅̊ bro. By the way, I got. Properly. Updated on D̶̲̥̅̊ forrom Απϑ oda fins. U̶̲̥̅̊ guys don dey hia tey tey. So big up!

  12. Choi! Choi!! CHOI!!! U have wounderized me! I love this!!!

  13. @Raymond wetin be “choi” again o? Thank ƔǒƲ for loving it. Abeg no go wound o! U̶̲̥̅̊ can after we collabo finish o!

  14. I really love this.. tales of an unrepentant heartbreaker.. i hope karma catches up with u soon..

  15. @Fisayoeko_Davies unrepentant heartbreaker$. ƔǒƲ gurls start a bro off that steep tangent.

  16. @shai, you think? blaming it on girls is the easy way out , i say u should try blaming it on your wandering eyes..

    1. Read that first stanza very well. ƔǒƲ will understand.

  17. amy78 (@amy78)

    Shai, this is beautiful…..

  18. Nice one. What beauty words and images together conjure!

  19. shai (@shaifamily)

    @Admin doesn’t think so:-) too many pics….

  20. Shai, really?
    Now I know.

  21. shai (@shaifamily)

    @babyada gud to know that you know, lol!

  22. shai (@shaifamily)

    @babyada come to think of it, wetin u “know” O?

  23. This is tight! Brillant!

    1. Thank you very much sir….

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