GAMU or what u may call it

GAMU or what u may call it

The air was very humid and the sky, therapeutically calm. A column of soldier ants went about their business dutifully and quite oblivious of the armadillo that recently moved to the neighborhood. Just out of sight, a hungry spider stalked a wounded wasp.
The rabbit emerged from his warren with uncertainty and surveyed the scenery with unease. Quickly and nimbly, he hopped to the cluster of mugamuga shrubs, which were very plentiful in his part of the gondwana forest. Instantly, he was flooded with an awe-inspiring sense of safety. Indeed, he felt very secure because rabbit-legend had it that, any rabbit that took refuge under the mugamuga shrubs was protected by the great rabbit-god, muga.
These were dangerous times. The rabbit knew he had to tread with extreme caution. They were hard times too. Carrots were a luxury and radishes were not as abundant as before.
The flutter in his chest died down but he waited for the wooziness in his head to go down as well. He had learnt his lessons well during training and he knew that a lightheaded rabbit-hunter was as good as a dead one. It was axiomatic.
Soon, he was clear-headed. He uttered a quick prayer to muga and left the shelter of the mugamuga shrubs. He knew where he was going, and moved with the grace and litheness of a seasoned gondwanese hunter-rabbit. The radish farm was so far away and he was already beginning to breathe very hard. By the beard of the were-rabbit, he was really losing his touch. Just a few rabbit-moons ago, he could hop on the spot for an entire hour and wouldn’t even lose a breath. The oversexed she-rabbits used to peep while he did his hops and he would pretend he didn’t know they were watching. And he wouldn’t waste any opportunity then to strut his stuff. Why spoil their voyeurism? Those were good times. He smiled. He was indubitably the baddest rabbit on the block.
Suddenly, the smell of radishes hit him. It was overwhelmingly superior to any radish he had ever smelt. His stomach rumbled in response. Dear rabbit-god! He was getting dizzy and his knees were as weak as those of a love struck he-rabbit sporting a goatee. He struggled to get control. He knew he needed it. Mightier hunter-rabbits had lost control at this stage and paid dearly for their mistakes.
He took a deep breath and took his mind off the overpowering smell. If he must get those radishes safely then he must be at his optimum. Quickly, he laid out a strategic plan. The steps were very clear in his head. Discipline must be his watchword.

After much painstaking planning and lightning execution he got to the radishes. He reached out lovingly and dug up a very edible piece. He nibbled lightly on it. It was as soft as the inside of a kitten’s mouth. The earth shook and he had a rabbit-orgasm. It tasted just as he had imagined. He took another bite for the hell of it and marveled at the particularly good texture of the radish. Also, he felt a growing respect for his hunting prowess and was humbled by it all.
At the same time, a hungry spider gnawed away at the juicy abdomen of a stunned wasp while a baby armadillo delightedly lick off an erstwhile organized column of soldier ants.
Just then, the rabbit looked up froze. The expression on his face was what rabbit folk would call rabbit-fear. Dripping rabbit penis!! He swore.
There was no one to explain to the rabbit that the man kneeling down a few yards away was pointing a snub nosed automatic pangaean piece at him. The rabbit’s heart missed a beat. And before it could resume beating, a bullet tore through it.

15 thoughts on “GAMU or what u may call it” by crestor (@crestor)

  1. Hahahahahaha.
    This is my kinda story. I was getting acquainted with the rabbit before you killed it.
    You ά̲̣яε mean. Rabbit killer!

  2. Wicked guy. Not fair.
    I like your telling…

  3. tade (@tadethompson)

    Interesting story. I enjoyed it.

    There’s a small problem of shifting point-of-view and excessive use of adverbs.

    The other thing is a rabbit would not prefix its thoughts with rabbit-this or rabbit-that any more than a human would think “she-human” or “human-hunter”.

    It was enjoyable though.

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Rabbit-orgasm? I don die!
    Delicious tale…
    Bring me more!

    armadillo delightedly lick(ed) off
    the rabbit looked up froze(n).
    and, this certainly needs more paragraph

    up u!

  5. Yeah, this was a good one, I enjoyed it. Tade and Adaobi have pointed out some loose bits to tighten up. Well done.

    But what is GAMU?

  6. I’m with Myne on this one, ‘What is GAMU’
    Cool tale.

  7. Lol. GAMU means……

    1. means what? (as if you know) lol

  8. hahahahahaha…
    I really enjoyed this..

  9. Good, straightforward story, Crestor. I’m not sure that the over-anthropomorphisation of the rabbit worked for me thought (e.g. a rabbit who has a god and hunts just like a human being). But I like the way that you signalled what would happen to the rabbit with the parallels that you drew with the ants and the wasp.

  10. Very lovely story.I also think that the name of the location i.e. Gamu forest should be capitalised.I enjoyed reading all the way.

    Well done!!!

  11. hehehehehehehe. Good story telling. And the rabbit died. So sad. lolllllzzzzz.

  12. Why you kill am now?
    enjoyed reading this.

  13. I agree with Tade and Myne. Ota, what is Gamu?

  14. hi everyone, sorry for the late comment. I have been away. There is actually another story behind this story but to cut it short, it was written by a friend of mine as part of a story exchange (mine will be posted soon but he’s was better). At the time of the exchange, I had a long beard which some people call Gamu. So I think that’s where Gamu came from.

    It was a very impromptu deal hence the minor tense and capitalization issues but I thought it was a charming story and wanted to share with you guys. I’m glad you found it nice too. Maybe this will encourage him to write more seriously.

    I thank everyone for the comments and they will be passed on the writer.

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