A letter to Mr. Poem. (Straight from the heart)

A letter to Mr. Poem. (Straight from the heart)

23, Thoughts Street,

Memory lane Bypass,

Word-knights Estate

Minds State


    Dear Mr. Poem,

                                  STRAIGHT FROM THE  HEART

Separating a tortoise from its shell spells a tragic death

What my ink is about to tell you may make your heart melt

like a candle hurled in fire, but its not that bad, like i was when we met

When my heart was grieved, i’d painted you in its colours; black and white

When it knew joy’s song, happily i fed you with its mood day and night

Mr. Poem, i will be leaving you for awhile, though it hurts than a snake bite


You’ve been the inspiring light in my dark tunnel;

the sweet hymn in my drowsy soul

The strong, motivational force in my dicey goals

the sweet melodic voice  in my agonizing thoughts


Bask in the reminisce of the sweet moment we shared

Forever and ever, your memories in me will surely glow red.

Thanks for the superb delight you offered during our friendship

Endless is my gratitude but for now let me be in solitude

Coz, right now with my books, i’ve got a serious relationship!


Yours forever,



9 thoughts on “A letter to Mr. Poem. (Straight from the heart)” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. Nice job Smartfingers!

  2. Haa,what a parting song…..but one doesn’t necessarily have to disturb the other you know,poetry and studying.

    Well done!!!

  3. Sweet.


    Well done.

  4. wow!
    lovely parting words…really, i think i can hear the anguish of Mr. Poem…plz dont part with me!

  5. Don’t I love this?
    What a letter,Smartfinger. Hope u’ll get back with ‘Mr Poem’ when u re through with ur studies.
    Methinks this very nice and Melove this.

  6. Will there be a reply from Mr. Poem?
    Indulge us one more time.:-)

  7. this poem was borne out of personal issues last year, the examination results were pasted, checked my result. Alas! I was just in upper, while two other folks bagged “Distinction” home, i had to blame my “failure” to music, poetry, season films, so i slowed down. But thank God now i am in DISTINCTION, no more excuses.

    Thank you all. like that you likey!

  8. Aww…this is so touching. Well done.

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