Flow and never so slow
Glow always to show
The way down through the days
Of our lives just gone by in a daze
Flow and never so slow, I say.

So many ways we stray
In a bid to live and find daily feed
Open skies with birds singing away
The choruses of ages gone astray
Flow and never so slow.

Flow and never so slow;
Time, you ageless marker
Of legacies and leprous ignominy
Watch and mark, but never so slow
Flow and never so slow


Never so slow.

16 thoughts on “Time” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. Lovely. Seems to remind me of the saying ‘vanity upon vanity’…

    Nice one…I like the flows.

  2. I was carried away by the rhythm and wished it was longer. I also like your choice and use of words. Keep it up.

  3. True talk. Time waits for no man, they say. Nice one.

  4. shai (@shaifamily)

    @Seun…thanks. It is all about the rhythm…the ebb and flow of life and how time plays a vital role in everything.

    @ Myne…:). Maybe if it were to be longer u might av liked it less…and time, was not my friend…lol.

    So True Igwe.

  5. Real nice. I second @seun.

  6. All has been said… Nice one….

  7. Good rhythm…enjoyed that

  8. Yah, the rhythm…hypnotic feel to it all….the timelessness of time. Beautiful choice of words truely. My turn to say you got me man!

  9. shai (@shaifamily)

    Oh yeah? Thanks for the kind comments….

  10. Nice rhythm…

  11. @myne stole my words. you did very well with this simple poem and like @tola said, felt like saying ‘vanity upon vanity’

    totally well thought out especially with the apt diction. could have been better though

  12. shai (@shaifamily)


  13. … flow and never so slow… a nice piece…

    1. Thanks….Really appreciated. Have I said Happy New year to you? Hahaha, Happy New Year.

  14. Time, a master piece!

    1. @Babalolaibisola Very much appreciated sir.

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