The Unending Search

You’re in my head.
You’ve always been.
And you’re the one i’ve never seen.
I crave you everyday with passion.
You used to have a complexion,
but now you’re grey and in between.

Oh,how often i wonder;
if i’ll ever find you.
Are you even out there?
Or just a decoy dream in my head?

You’re often impersonated,
sometimes even on the inside.
And without a choice,
my hello becomes a goodbye.

My eyes;strained and dim.
My heart;half filled and unbroken.
My ears and mouth;filled to the brim.
Too much listening,
too much unspoken.

When i find you,
i’ll also be found.
But if am not to find you,
i’ll wait to be found.
And when am found,
i’ll also know i’ve found.

Only then,will the unending ever end.

16 thoughts on “The Unending Search” by 11degrees (@11degrees)

  1. i can relate to this one…well done with the simplicity

    1. Thanks @kiah.nice to know you can relate to this.

  2. Illusions.

    Mesef can relate. Honestly.

    Nice job jo.

  3. Love sef eh….Nice one anyway…

    1. Thanks everyone. I really do appreciate your comments&compliments.
      It feels gratifying to be part of dis amazing site.

  4. Nice simple poem. Well done.

  5. Well done. I appreciate this.

  6. This is a lovely poem, very romantic and touching.

  7. nice and simple poetry. nice idea neatly wrapped too.

  8. A thousand thanks for everyone.
    I really appreciate your comments.
    Thanks for droppin ’em.

  9. This poem makes one go all mushy-mushy. Real nice

  10. The search for true love….we can all relate to this one…let me hear anyone say Im lying! Beautiful poem, well done.

  11. Thanks @kaycee & irenecarew. I appreciate.

  12. Thanks @kaycee & irenecarew. I appreciate.
    I pray we find. & for those that have, i pray it lasts.

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