The Housewife Series :1

The Housewife Series :1

They are not difficult to point out as their outfits and mannerism clearly distinguishes them. They are the ones that look as if they just got out of the bed, wearing their hair net, which is supposed to be for the bedroom, and the over worn strapless gown that clearly indicates that it was once a party wear now turned to a sleep wear. They are the ones that have their wrappers tied on their chest and sometimes you may catch them with their Dunlop slippers and little traces of kitchen sooth on their legs. I watch them and wonder why the housewives have to be so obvious. Sometimes you can also tell them by their lack of time consciousness, staying back in the school compound after they have dropped their children in their classes to hold idle talks with friends. Yes, I call them idle talks because I wonder what you have to stand and loudly laugh about that early in the morning, while others are hurriedly leaving the compound to get about their daily business. Could be the reason people call them “idle housewives” which they are far from being.

Have you ever wondered what housewives do? I used to wonder that too till I found myself as a housewife. Firstly, you have to know that housewives aren’t uneducated, uncultured and dummies (at least am not). They are wives who for various reasons aren’t working ‘outside” the home. Some women become housewives because they are uneducated and therefore haven’t got anywhere to fix themselves in the labour market, some because their husbands want them to stay home and take care of his children, some because they haven’t got a job yet and others, out of choice. The housewife basically does the work of a mother, teacher, disciplinarian (because she is the one that is always home). She is involved in a continuous flow of job that most times are taken for granted and because she is a housewife, she hardly goes anywhere. Being a housewife can be boring especially for those that have been engaged in a form of work before they got married. A housewife tends to put on a lot of weight because when her job is done and sometimes out of want of things to busy herself with, she makes do with films,food and snacks. Housewives can be involved in great deal of gossips and idle chatter. These are definitely bad characters and the general belief of people pertaining to housewives. It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife by choice or default but you find yourself doing one of the aforementioned deeds. Relax sister because change has come.

You can start by loving yourself first. Take an inventory and find out who you are and work on it. You can be homeschooled, though if you hadn’t gone to a secondary school, you might need to get help. Develop the habit of reading books. Most women don’t like reading but it is only in books that you go out of your house and venture into unknown places. You can start with your child’s literature books. They are easy and fun to read and gradually you will find yourself going for things your age. Be updated in current affairs. You don’t have to be a ‘Mrs know’ it all, but you don’t also totally have to be in the dark either.

Be fashionable. I don’t mean spending all your feeding money on clothing and accessories but be decently and smartly dressed. Seriously, who says that you can’t dress up for ‘school run’. Dress neatly and you will see your confidence soaring. Maximize your time by planning the day’s activities and working towards achieving it. Don’t procrastinate over things that need to be done. Plan ahead. You can make things easier by doing your house chores in the night after putting the children to bed. If you can do that you get enough time to engage in a meaningful activity when the kids aren’t home. You can also learn a handiwork because, believe me, the kids will grow up and leave the home sooner than u think. Exercise will help you lose excess weight, be fit and healthy and still make  your husband desirous of you. Being a housewife isn’t old fashionable as many younger women are staying at home nowadays. It surely affords you ample time   with your family. Be wise, be the best and take pleasure in being a modern day housewife.

Sometimes, housewives get so involved with the family needs that they forget that life should also exist outside the home as the home is only a foundation. One of the things I enjoy most about working outside the home is that you get to meet people and engage in adult talk and of course learn a few things in the process.  As housewives, you can come together weekly or daily to learn various things. You can start a reading club, baking or sewing class or other handicraft work where you learn from each other. In such cases, ground rules should be set that must definitely include no gossips. The meeting should be for purely educative reasons.   Get involved in something meaningful. You can train to be computer literate. There are a lot of fun things you can do on the internet.    There are lots of things you can discover about yourself. Get to work and be that person that only you can be. Make an impact and leave your prints in the sand of time.

33 thoughts on “The Housewife Series :1” by Ada (@lildamey)

  1. Hmmm. That your ‘Relax sister because change has come’ line sounds like you’re one of those miracle-remedy hawkers in the buses and…no offense meant.

    I like this. I dislike the idea that women take being a housewife as an excuse not to take care of themselves…and the brother starts to stray you go and start ‘binding’ husband-snatching spirits. Get real! Did you not help him stray?

    Handbook for Housewives should be the title.

    Noticed a few … though: ‘am’ should be ‘I’m’

    and it feels like you wrote this with heavy informal language…’u’ and so on…

    Well done.

    1. Thanks Seun, especially for that title.You know how our people like miracle na, so, I fit work d miracle sharp sharp and our women will always make their men fall in love with them over and over. Will look out for those informal words and avoid them.

  2. “most women don’t like reading”…Say what? I don’t think so :)
    Ada, this is a nice try but there are too many cliches for me and in my opinion it sounds a bit like an article from the 50s….

    1. Hehehehehehehehehehe.

    2. Thanks for reading. My dear, forget that we are here on NS doing what we know well, there are a whole lot of us out there that the magazines they read are the fashion mags. Have seen them, with all the silly excuses they give as to why they don’t read. Don’t you think that the 50’s thingy or wateva that kept them together can still work for us today?

      1. Ada,you are right,I just don’t like general comments that put people in boxes especially women with the misogyny already going on everywhere.Keep on doing what you’re doing.Education and solidarity are definitely the best way for someone to better oneself and encourage others to do the same.Can’t wait to read the next part.

        1. Thanks again dear. Been reading your comments on different posts and I sure will learn things from you. Women , no doubt, are stepping up to the game and I am ever so proud to be a woman.

        2. Hear ye hear ye! Well said.

    3. me i think what @ada said in this piece is true. the only literature women (housewives) really read is the Bible (forgive me for calling it literature) and maybe the Sunday School texts then Magazines and more magazines for fashion stuff…[even the so-called educated ones]

  3. The house wives sure do have time to log in to NS

    1. Kaycee, we can multitask well well. We can’t stay away from NS even when we try to. It’s like a tonic to our creative soul.

    2. for dream abi?… a few housewives about 0.1% of the lot

  4. Good work gal, tell them o….Seun has a point ….I feel you could sharpen the language to make it more up beat or chic as they say these days. I like the concept a lot, and thank you for reaching out to other women.

    1. Thanks babe.We try and watch out for each other so we can have a voice. Will take a calculated look at the work again and do better.

  5. I ditto Irene. Nonetheless, I’m taking nothing from you on this. Great idea and good job.

    1. Raymond, this your laugh! Hmm……

      1. It’s my special laughter naa, *_O!

  6. Going by the title, I expected the article to focus on one or two distinguishing characteristics of a housewife; being that there will subsequent parts.
    I also think that it would have been better to stick to a target audience. You went from talking “about” housewives to talking “to” housewives.

    I like the concept. You will hardly run out of material.
    Btw, housewives are better known as “domestic consultants”. lol

    1. @ Rhema, for sure, there will be subsequent parts and it’s targeted at a mixed audience because, the reader might not be a housewife but knows one. That way, there will be a transfer of knowledge. Will make use of the term, ‘domestic consultants’,. So true.

  7. I don’t see anything wrong in being a housewife except you do not know what to do with yourself. Although some women are totally clueless when it comes to having time on their hands, others have made good use of time.

    1. Enoquin, being a housewife is a self sacrifice and thus is noble, but….. Who no go no know.

  8. very good write-up….abeg make una print am give una friends wey dey siddon for house dey fat

  9. @xikay…be sensitive. there’re many reasons women get fat. emotional eating? u could check dat out.
    @Ada, The Preacher Woman…well, I blv this is a necessary preaching. have u started a bk club or sth? progress report (don’t bite. u didnt say if itz fiction or non.)
    waiting for more but look do look at Rhema’s comments again…target.

    1. when you sit at home watching Nollywood for a third of your day, you are bound to gather some unwanted mass

  10. xikay, no be their fault they siddon for house they fat o. Anyway, they no dey too fat again these days as times don change. Everyone wants to wear a sassy gown. lol

    1. if them fat, na their own palaver…the man go just chook eye for outside. shikena

  11. Adaobi, why do you want to let the cat out of the bag this early? Don’t worry I wont’t preach what I don’t

  12. A strong compilation for housewives indeed. Why don’t you approach a publisher and have this and other series on Housewives titled in a pack? Will be an interesting to do, you know? An advanced editing will do too. lol…

  13. OMG….I can’t believe I only just started reading this series.

    I have experienced both sides and I can tell you that there’s not much of a difference. I don’t know about Nigeria,but I find that things are different in the U.S and the U.K having lived in both countries as a house wife.

    Your piece is filled with really workable ideas and information and I’am wondering…Have you considered extending this resource outside Naija Stories?

    1. Ada (@lildamey)

      @dottaraphels…..Hi Dotta,

      I am sorry that it took me this long to reply. Thanks for reading this post and for brewing the expansion idea .

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