Purple Rain

Purple Rain

The drops seemed a few

All it touched came new

But how shallow a man’s mind

To bear this rain’s own mind


Soon a few drops tripled

Almost like a mindless ripple

Suddenly nature seemed unkind

And submerged toils of every kind


Here, landowners richly accrue

Each building for afterlife’s use

Pelting followed the fierce wind

Harsh-harsh thuds, so unkind.


Not many learnt; so few.

In a fortnight, the drops came anew

And washed all it left behind

Could be better if we had open minds.

7 thoughts on “Purple Rain” by JAY'S PLANET (@JaysPLANET)

  1. Hmm.

    For what shall it profit a man…


  2. Purple rain? Ok o

  3. I think there’s sth deeper here…tryn to substitute this rain wt sth else…and find out what garbage it carried away; I keep coming bk 2 monsters…(don’t mind me).
    I love the imagery I got from reading this.

  4. Tell them oh…Nice…

  5. water don carry Lagos go finish…nice poem you have here…i like that you rhymes it though you totally lost the rhyming in the second to the last stanza.

    the first two lines seemed weak to me

    The drops seemed a few AT FIRST THE DROPS SEEMED FEW
    All it touched came new AND ALL IT TOUCHED beCAME NEW

    just me though

  6. Nice poem,but Xikay is right.their is no purple in the poem,purple is expensive,romantic and it’s said to denote royalty.

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