This Dream

This Dream

This dream, Peeping through multiple layers of the subconscious mind Gathering in the recesses of the shallowest pits In dormant form it continues to fester This hope, The last remaining straw for the drowning man So frail and brittle looking Forever in the distance like the treacherous mirage Always promising but never delivering This change, … Continue reading This Dream

Everyday people, the world and their stories.

Everyday , Hes telling stories,shes telling stories, I’m telling stories ,you’re telling stories , They are telling stories ,We are telling stories . What is the world doing with our stories ?   Our stories ,Our Everyday We are stories waiting to be shared We are stories ,we crown our days with our thoughts ,expressions,feelings, … Continue reading Everyday people, the world and their stories.

Nursery Rhymes, Deadly Rhymes

Ring around the roses, A pocket full of posies, Atiiishu! Atiiishu! We all fall down…   The swing beneath the tree in the front yard swung slowly, back and forth, beneath the full moon. There was a light breeze, and power was out. The shadows ruled the night, and almost everyone was asleep. Almost everyone. … Continue reading Nursery Rhymes, Deadly Rhymes