I took a stroll down the lane,

Getting ready to see like never before,

Packing my hair, so that I can concentrate,

Checking myself so that I do not disturb the air.


As I took my first step, my hair ruffle,

Quite surprising as air got into my hair.

As I took my second step, my skirt moved,

And I see a tree branch hold on to my skirt.


As I moved on, I saw the birds, not one, not two, not three,

All beauty full, all lovely, all staring at me.

I passed around them to avoid an interruption,

And as I looked back, alas, they followed me!


Immediately the sun shine on me,

Like a superstar on stage.

I could feel that it was just on me,

Like I was the reason why it had to shine.

Every move I made, it made also,

Every single step I took, it followed.


And then it started raining!

I ran into a house for shelter and then it stopped.

I came out again and the showers was profuse,

Like I was the reason for its downpour,

I ran back into the shelter, and it stopped!


At first, I was confused, lost,

wondering why nature was suddenly against me.

I saw the birds wink at me,

The sun smile at me,

The rain wash my feet,

And it hit me!

Why am I looking for nature

When I am nature itself?

15 thoughts on “Nature” by somto (@somto)

  1. Wow. Lovely ending.

    But those typos…

    Those typos…

    1. Thanks Seun! Those typos eh! and i read this poem like a few times and kinda knew somethings were wrong somewhere..but seriously, i am beginning to feel that my grasp of the use of English Language is getting loose…have no clue y! :O

  2. I have to echo @Seun – WOW! That ending was amazing. Yes, a few typos but still – WOW!

    1. Thanks Lade! I would watch out for the errors next time..:)

  3. I also liked the liked the last paragragh, food for thought.

    1. Thanks Myne..We are nature’s finest :)

  4. very good. i hope you can hear me clapping over here. you have here a great poem. well done Somto

    As I took my first step, my hair ruffle[RUFFLED]
    Immediately the sun shine [SHONE] on me

    1. *I hope you can see me taking a bow in humility* Thanks for pointing out the errors because between you and I, I was still looking for

  5. …and I was asking myself, ‘why am I not surprised’?


    1. Thank you Moyo :)

  6. I feel av bcme too ‘corrupted’ to still be nature…lol but, that’s me.
    I love this poem, Somto!
    beautiful…I echo the corrections made by others but, I must say, I still love this.
    I love nature. I love streams and lakes…still waters, gushing waters…rocks, hills, the sky. Nature’s my opium and reading this made me nostalgic…bn unbelievably long; I miz it.
    thank u

    1. Oh dear, i feel u jare! but u know a diamond is forever a diamond no matter the amount of dirt on it..just some cleaning,and we get out precious stone you for the corrections and for loving it..:D

  7. U ended this with a Bang! Typos though…
    Still, good job.

    1. Thanks Raymond.:)

  8. well-thought out

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