Masquerades (2)

Masquerades (2)

She doesn’t whisper my name anymore when we make love. I can’t even remember the last time we shared sleeping space. Like cobwebs that cover unused places, so is my memory of love with her. 

The devil has no free gift. I should have known that. I should have known that for every stolen kiss of nectar, i would pay a price worth its weight in gold. I should have known that for every tremulous crescendo reached in the back seat of my car, i would descend a thousand depths in the eyes of my wife.


Water from a stolen cistern. I exchanged my wife’s anthill colored skin with its maps of our years together for youthful supple flesh. I have known heaven in a stranger’s arms. I have known hell out of it. 

She is still with me because she loves the children. I am thankful for that. If we didn’t have them, she would be gone faster than spit dries in the Sahara. When she looks at them, i am reminded of the light that was my wife before i extinguished it.


We sleep in the same room. Two beds so far apart, i could have been in another room. She insists we keep up appearances for the children’s sakes. I cannot bear the thought of life without her.
My conscience mocks me, ‘ You should have thought of that before you succumbed like a goat in heat’.
I have tried almost every way i know to win her back, to light up those eyes again. I have failed. Still i try. Flowers everyday. I find them in the bin when i get home. I have sent entreaties to plead my case. Everything has failed… 

Nifemi comes home from school. He runs to me to be lifted and i lift him up effortlessly. He tells me about his school play. He plays the part of a masquerade, he tells me. I need to buy him a get-up. For the first time in a long time i smile. It takes a while but i find a mask similar to that one Nifemi the elder wore to drive Ihuoma into my arms. I buy two masks. One for my son. One for me…

I call her home the next day. Its an emergency i say. I refuse to say more. I wait till she comes marching in. Ready to throttle me if any harm had come to her children and i refused to tell her over the phone. That’s when she finds me at the dining table. The mask in my hands. I offer it to her. Tears fills her eyes. Ihuoma remembers.

She turns around to leave. I watch her go. I have run out of words. I have failed again. I had hoped she would see beyond the concealment. The charade of manliness that has driven us farther than oceans could have. This disguise of deceit, of pain, of distrust, of adultery. I offered her the mask with the hope that she would see through it all to that boy that loved her from the first. I had hoped for the magic of Nifemi again…

Night came and she didn’t come home.

I put the children to bed. And then sat on the couch, mask in hand, to wait…


21 thoughts on “Masquerades (2)” by Kiah (@kiah)

  1. Damn girl. You know how to pull the strings of a man’s heart. Not fair.

    I did feel like there’s a gap between the first part and this one…because he went from reminiscing to regret..there was no indication that he was cheating.

    I hope there’s one more part sha…nice.

    1. of course there is one more part…three is a perfect number!!!

      1. So knowing that…shouldn’t polygamy/polyandry and threesomes be legal?!?!?

        1. hmmm, why don’t you propose this motion again when you are married?

          1. Dearie…thought I told you. I am ‘married’.

            Of course…the better issue of discourse might be…what am I married to.


            1. errr…you seem to be married to NJS…you are always here!!!

              1. My point exactly!

                Lol…someone made me promise that I’d contribute significantly to the on-going-ness of NS…and I did. So i’m only trying to keep my word.

                Couldn’t find your blog o. Werrin happen?

  2. Good for him! Lol.
    Very emotional. Almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

  3. I started off a bit lost and hating him, and you ended up making me conflicted and feeling for him. That is good, but I also feel like the transition from the first to this was too choppy.

    That said, I can’t wait for the next part!

    1. coming right up…

  4. Touching. I pray he finds forgiveness in her. Nice one.

  5. Like I said, the first part of this story does well by itself. This could almost be a different story which just happens to share the same characters.

    It’s well written, and it paints a very vivid picture of what is going on in the mind of a man who has slipped. I especially liked this:

    I exchanged my wife’s anthill colored skin with its maps of our years together for youthful supple flesh. I have known heaven in a stranger’s arms. I have known hell out of it.

    1. thank u for reading both the first and the second…hope u read the third!!! and for the lovely comments as well..

  6. U good joor!

  7. Stop playing with my emotions jare, haba.
    Plz, hope the third part is ready.

    1. patience is such a coveted virtue :)

  8. hmmm. this was just cool. me liked it!!!

  9. Been considering marry at forty. That way I’ll need viagra for my wife and that’ll probably discourage me from trying youthful supple flesh. Seriously, you wrote something that’s sweet and teaches a very important lesson. The mask concept was a touch of genius. Planting in the first part and using it to great effect here. Now the third part makes even much sense. Your story, how you tell it, concept, very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Awwww….many thanks Jaywriter…

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