From Me, Just for HER.

From Me, Just for HER.

Days of hays
Hay, good days
When the sun shines so bright
Bringing forth a lofty plight

Forever, Till eternity
My Joy will witness no calamity
‘Cos -Titi-Ni-Ayo, a worthy ‘affinity’
What a combination of name and ‘dexterity’

Olami-ti-de’, I can audibly shout!
That at ‘Edun’s clan’, lies the beauty lounge
For me to to pay the price
‘Titi’ ‘Layo’ The Joy of a beautiful ‘spice’

Well, in all these ‘combinations’
I can only say, there is a ‘destination’
So marvelous, so ‘fantabulous’
That I found a ‘Titi’ that’s “Swagalicious”

I remain my humble self
Whiz,  your friend you know ‘helps’
No cause for alarm
Just a normal friend that soothe like ‘balm’

31 thoughts on “From Me, Just for HER.” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. Whiz.

    You remind me of a namesake of yours who might need your help.


    1. Presido…and who is that??

      1. Still waiting…Presido

        1. Presi…still waiting on you oooooooooooooo..This could be a turning point

  2. okay,,,i see am. lines are bit less poetic than your previous works…well done sha

  3. shai (@shaifamily)

    Whiz da rackattack poet: the friend dat soothes like “balm”- ordinary friend my foot!
    I like the ebb and flow of this sha. But as a poetic piece…it is a contemp, so I won’t rob u of anything. Maybe, it could av done wit mo imagery or heavy rhythm sha.

    1. Shai! U are it it again……A contempt????

      1. shai (@shaifamily)

        Contemporary poem…kai! It lends itself to current slang phrases.

        That is what I meant o…u know?

        1. shai (@shaifamily)

          Check @Ada below…and the meaning comes clearer.

  4. okay, this is well, u were writing “just 4 me” so, I won’t bite just cos, u were not as poetic as u usually are.
    since u wrote for me, I’d forgive u 4 being so…”modern”, u knw…I imagine that one day, the elders of this generation would attend meetings and would begin by saying, “what’s up?”
    and if someone annoys another, u’d hear, “fuck you” (4giv my french).
    do u get where am going with this?
    u did good’s all am saying…after all, u wrote just for me.

    1. This sounds funny….What makes you say for U..Does it mean your second name is “Titi” or “Olamide”…I hope U are not thinking what am thinking here…

      1. @Whiz…thinkn wt u’re thinkn…that might make my mind agree to sth horribly low or horribly high. U’r thots are light years parallel to mine.
        Nope, my name isn’t any/either of those…there’s sth called, ‘reader-response theory’…just saying.

        1. Well…only God knows who the would-be……will turn out 2 be….”If it Be U oooo”..OMG

  5. Nice combo, bt swagalicious in poetry…

    1. Yes, Its poetic license @ Elly

  6. I think that the many quote tags were distracting.
    Otherwise, a nice poem.

    1. Thanks ‘Rhema’..but the quote are there for reasons best known to me

      1. Oh, sorry, I thought that you meant to carry the reader along.
        The quote tags are perfect then.

        1. Do U think otherwise???

  7. Hmmm Whiz,ordinary friend sha? OK o!

    This is kinda different coming from you but its good sha.

    Well done!!!

  8. maybe i have to read it again…

    1. Yea, Candy..I cant wait 2 read comments from your horrific stable

  9. Every one is so nice on NS. I won’t be different today, Free spirit or not.
    So I ditto the other readers.

    1. @ Kaycee..Be dynamic…what do u see to the poem??

  10. from another angle abi?… you head is there… I mean ‘4 cardinal pointed’…

    god to read this piece from you to me..?

  11. @ Bams..when did U become a Fag?

    1. hey! bro.. aint no FAG..ok. abeg ooo, no giv me name wey my folks no give me ooooooo

      I no be feg ooooooo

      1. Then why do U write such comments like…maybe d piece is …for U a male?? Does it not make you sound …like one…or ???

    2. Gush!! @ Bams .. Ade!!, now I understand what who you were referring to…I hope U dont let the mouse out of the hole o!!!!!!!

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