Family is a word used to describe people you are connected to or related to by blood

It is a highly over-rated word because this is not necessarily the case

There have been instances of people with whom you have no blood ties

Yet they have proven themselves in helping you out of bad blood

It is not enough that your own blood relation let you down, leaving you dazed

They show no sign of remorse whatsoever even at your cries

I’ve always wondered “what is the usefulness of an Uncle”:

Who stays out of the country and never calls unless he needs a favor

Who has never thought of inviting you over for a visit though he has the means?

Who has alienated himself from your life so much that the mere thought of him feels like the taste of soup with no flavor?

Who fronts to the whole world as a religious man yet is a beast that wreaks havoc in his household like sour beans

Who has all it takes to succeed yet chooses to be a nuisance

An uncle whose temper when upset is like an inferno, easy to start, almost impossible to douse

Who doesn’t see the need for life’s necessities, calling them frivolities?

Who sees the needs of family as luxuries and prefers to live even poorer than a church mouse

Who is well known for his eye servitude and talkativeness, yet sees no need to change

Who prefers to be lauded in his presence yet be bad-mouthed by the same

Who is known for his notoriety in young girls, but still counsel prospective couples?

Who announces himself without reason from a well-defined range?

Or the usefulness of an aunt:

Who is never heard from except when she needs help in saving her marriage from her carelessness?

Who always has something derogatory to say to you even when you are doing fine?

Who does all she can to frustrate you out of her own state of barrenness

And the list goes on and on and on

But I’d rather have a family of friends with no blood connection whatsoever

Who though are not perfect can allow you to be yourself around them

Who accepts their faults readily and are willing to work with you for a change

Who doesn’t feel threatened by your fame/fortune but sticks to you forever?

Who loves you even much more than you feel a human is capable of showing?

It is said that friend, trend, etc. all has an END, but family doesn’t

I want to say that family might not have an END because family begins where Friend Ends

Therefore my friend ceases to be a friend when he becomes FAMILY.


18 thoughts on “Family” by tolu oke (@teekellz)

  1. Okay. Didn’t much feel like a poem to me…but then…is there a particular way a poem is supposed to feel?

    E be like say one of your uncles just vex you. Lol.

    Nice train of thought tho…didn’t much like the delivery.

    1. Same thought I had @ d Uncle ish, hehehe…

  2. Interesting thoughts. There is the talk that blood is thicker than water, but that is often not the case.

  3. Nice deep thoughts. I feel you.

  4. @seunodukoya, even I dnt know if its a poem or not, but you are kinda right….. one of my uncles did just vex me………, but what is it about the delivery??? @myne whitman, that is soo not the case most times o, you are very right. @ igwe, thanks

  5. You cannot pick out your relatives but there is no law that you have to be best friends with them. You relate with folks that you share values, morals and lifestyle with and they must not be your blood…

    1. okay…………………… i don’t really know if i get the relate part yeah?? but its alright, i’m not saying i want to be best friends with them, i’m only saying i don’t have to giive them preferences b’cos they r “family”

      1. We are saying the same thing but just differently.

  6. Kai, they vex you well o. Some hard facts are in your write-up. Its rather sad, things are like that sometimes.

    1. i vex gan-an, no be small thing o. but its rather true though.

  7. True talk, but the delivery was weak…

    1. ok………………. Guess i gotta work on that yeah??? its my first in a long while, besides i wrote it as i felt it.

  8. True talk. I feel you.

  9. bross na who vex you like this? you have poured out your anger.i agree with @seun about not really getting the poetic feel here. looks like bare facts without the garnishing of poetry.
    well done

    1. Thanks, twas not poetry per se, kinda like poetry/write-up/i don’t know what else it can be called thingy. but thanks though.

  10. I thought I was a freak because I dislike my immediate family. ThankGod say no be only me.

    1. Kaycee…’dislike’???

      Strong words o. ‘Don’t get along’ might be a better option. I’m just saying.

    2. i might av to agree with seun here, i don’t dislike my immediate family, just don’t get along with some of them

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