Digging deep,

Is like real hard work,

Pulling pulleys,

Makes palms calloused and hard as  a rock.


Digging deep,

Down! Down! Into wells so deep,

Countless bores expended,

To make one hole, then get it expanded.


Digging deep,

Down!  Down! Till a ‘hit’ is scored,

Up !up! Slowly pull to the tip,

Rest, no molten fluid poured.


Digging deep,

Is no mean business, at depths best imagined;

Oil well, well bored and cured

Waits anxiously, tremblingly;

As the next bore approaches its core.

16 thoughts on “Deep” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. another recurring theme.
    Well, nice all the same.

  2. shai (@shaifamily)

    se eeee?

    That’s the way it is baby….

  3. Hm.

    Okay. Nice. Good. No Comment.

  4. Na wa for you o Shai… lips are sealed!

  5. hmm…sounds like an exposition on the sexual-business activity of a prostitute. She lies there rendering service as ‘clients’ dig into her ‘hole’ or ‘Oil well’.

    Of course ‘molten fluid’ (molten from the heat of the passion) is not ‘poured’ because a condom is involved!

  6. shai (@shaifamily)

    I Thank you @Afronuts…u understood the concept better than I did.

    By the way @All, it is what it is. But like many of the pieces I have put here, there are deeper underlying meanings other than the most obvious.

    That to me is the beauty of poetry; We all learn from each other.

  7. @therestofyou; if na me ,una go dey complain..
    @shai ;no comment

  8. our oil guys should read this…any way to send copies around?
    i enjoyed reading this!

  9. shai (@shaifamily)

    I hope it motivates ’em enuff to ‘drill’ mo

  10. okay..i must confess that i did not see it as @afronuts just cracked it up to be… well cloaked in that case…nice but…O_O

    1. dont laugh o. you bad no be small. na you really write this one? very poetic but reall baaaaaaddddd

      Oil well, well bored and cured
      Waits anxiously, tremblingly;
      As the next bore approaches its core.

      1. shai (@shaifamily)

        Weeeeeeeeelllllllllll, lwkmd.
        Y u come pick those lines?

        1. why do you think i did?

          1. shai (@shaifamily)

            Either of two things: because of the stark reality of it, which is what it is ( Won’t expatiate that). Or, you reflect on the harrowing experience of what might be like for a nymphomaniac (is it a disease or more of a psychological situation).
            Ofcourse, there are more reasons u might av emphasised those specific lines, but I find none more appealing in view of previous comments made.

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