Country hard

Country hard

Dry lips

Without sip

Trousers without zip

Tears flow

Empty stomach without content

Legs ached b’cos of trek

Bodies in scales b’cos of scorching sun

working without pay

No mouth to say

Cake without a taker

Hunger strikes

Our children are taught under the mango trees

Rats in the treasury

Theives collect bursary

Police have quarrelled with twenty naira

Our country hard!

21 thoughts on “Country hard” by Uchechukwu Obiakor (@uchechukwu1)

  1. shai (@shaifamily)

    lol…I like the playful style. Drove home the point nevertheless, country hard!

  2. Simple and sweeeEeEeeeEt.

    Simply sweet.

    Well done. You’re improving..keep at it!

    1. @seun,am glad u like it.thank u

  3. no comments…

  4. Pass mark.

    1. @kaycee,thank God u landed here,i spirit!!

  5. passing…….yeah i know…ur just reminding me. gud

    1. pass fast……am reminding u.thank u

  6. True talk, nothing more to add.

    1. @myne,you are the CEO,keep the flag flying

  7. Very succintly written…true to the last word….short and simple.

  8. Nice one. Straight to the point. Well done!

    1. @igwe,you are the king,i feel appreciated.thanks

  9. Chai. Well done, wetin again U wan’ make I talk? I gburu ya ebe a!

    1. u suppose add hehehehe…..ima na…..the trademark

  10. Nice poem but there is room for a lot of improvement. I like the simple and playful style but some lines connect weakly, especially the first two lines….

  11. I’m sorry to ask, but what is this? @uchechukwu1. This is unlike you sir.
    I acknowledge the playfulness, but I still insist that poetry is a serious business, just like reggae.
    I forgave the first “b’cos” but seeing it again and again nauseates me. It waters down the dignity of poetry and of course diction.
    Please work on it next time. Thanks

  12. Sir @Chime221, Thanks for reading. I will make amend.

  13. For some reason, I love this piece, I love the unorthodox style employed, the careless arrangement of words and the on and off rhyming.

    I read each line as an individual piece or a doublet, depending on what comes after. Well done, keep writing, don’t feel the need to conform to accepted patterns or norms, just find your own peculiar style and work on it. Like I do with my stories in letter form, an sure it will be fun.

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