Austerity And Deceit of War (Complete)

Austerity And Deceit of War (Complete)

Wars are waged with fury,
The battles are begun by plan
And killings are choreographed.

Men kill men,
Women kill men,
But children and women
Men kill not by rules.

While many are dead,
Droves are drowned
In a dam of slavery.
And many more are moving corpses.

War has weapons,
What war wields
Are austerity and deceit.

Some societies steal from war
And glamorize the game for gains,
So the rest are restricted
From rationality to reach reality.

The penchant for polygamy,
The taste for two to ten women;
Widows with or without children
As their husbands are hit, hurt and hindered
From seeing their wives.

Fathers are fettered by death
And slavery, never to see their fruits.

Many children will still be born;
Many whose parents are not in love.
Their charade of love is oppression.

For them,
The opulence of ordinary life
Is out only for history.

Plebeians instead of patricians
In their precious palace,
Never to participate in a plebiscite
On their families’ future.

That is what they were
Way before the war,
Before the bad battle
Sewn up like a deal with delight.

By those societies, of course.
They foist their faith on you,
And when we wait a second
To deliberate with our wives
Or blood brothers,
Even faithful friends;

Or when we contemplate
A wee, weeny bit
Without being weary of their thoughts
And wary of them,
They call us rebels
And contrive to cane us as such,
With no waiver at all.

Before they sell their beliefs to us
At high costs more than money,
Little do we know
It is all a waiting game,
Where we wanly wade
Through throbbing throes of mud.

When we pray to be like them,
They know keenly
They can’t be like us.

They know what we have,
But very few of us know
What they do not have.

They know us
Without us telling them who we are,
But we know only
What they say about themselves.

We admire their knowledge,
While our ignorance
They free funds to foster.

The fount of their funds
For spending spree and frivolity
Is every single pinch of salt,
Metal and stone
Stripped off our luscious land.

They go back to their woods
And add strychnine
To the quality salt
They strip off our open oceans.

They cage the mixture in capsules
And have our people crave for them
At exorbitant prices.

Only to get strung out
On this gelatinous cough syrup,
Especially, our youths,
Young as they are.

The lure of their ludicrous lucre
Has turned our pretty lasses
Into cheap prostitutes
Because of poverty.

The moment we think straight,
They sulk.
And glare glassily at us.

The crack in their voice
Is a sliver of light
That reveals terrible caveats;
And it could be war again.

And this war has rules.
They kill our men,
But bereaved children and wives
Are left to lag behind
Like Luddites that they tag us.

When not annihilated,
Our young men are gelded
By the gleam of gelignite
Made from our minerals.

This is what we face as war,
Waged to reveal austerity
And bury deceit down
In a deeply dug dry ground.

13 thoughts on “Austerity And Deceit of War (Complete)” by TB Caleb (@sesanme)

  1. Is the poem complete?

    Felt like you were talking about our ‘colonial masters’…and how they keep us wrapped up with chains of ignorance.

    Can’t really say because its not really finished…or so it seems

  2. This is truly a loaded poem, but why is it cut off?

  3. Ditto, what happened? Is there a second part or….

  4. I think it needs just one more word.
    A very solid poem.

  5. Where the rest naa? Loaded ish though…

    1. Thank you for commenting, check out for complete version soon.

  6. Okay. Now its complete I think I want to stick with my first assumption; about it being about our colonial ‘masters’…that’s how it feels.

    Well done.

    1. Thank you so much.

  7. Kwesi Brew, Birago Diop, leopold sedar Senghor, u don join that class with this poem.

    1. Thank you very much.

  8. Thank you, all brothers and sisters on here. I really appreciate your praise.

  9. IMPERIALISM? well done but this poem is cluttered. i enjoyed it though

  10. Okay, okay. Nice one still.

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