When Our Despair is Dead

When Our Despair is Dead

When our despair is dead,
A cortége of limos, corvettes and upright shoulders in suits
Will walk in front and at rear;
For it is the funeral of fear.

And protection is paramount
In the hitching of honest hearts.
When we love, despair disappears
And hope hops in to hug our soul,
As we fry fear in a pan of pain.

Whether it dies or remains there,
Our love shall strut in pride.
Between our bodies intimacy is born
As we know, know and know ourselves;
Even the sun stands to seal our glue.

The moon moves sinuously in sight;
Before that, the clouds begin to scud the sky.
Here we are, all smiles and bubbles,
So we watch hand in hand.
Oh the glint that glistens through our tears!

We know it is love and liveliness.
The gloaming glances on our soaked shirts,
And the sparks spread over the sky,
As a kissing blitz blows across our lips.
You catch me unawares with your kiss.

This romance rocks our necks and hands;
Jig-jag I jerk you up and close.
This love can be consummated
In the sight of stars that light the sky.
We will play for play and get deep in love
On this glade in the wood,
Near the light lichen that shrouds an apple tree.

The pickled, paunchy puddle on this glade
Is only a glob when we wade deep in love.
No word in my head
More than this,
I love you, I love you…
That is my song.

13 thoughts on “When Our Despair is Dead” by TB Caleb (@sesanme)

  1. am in love with this poem.i love,i love it….thats what i shall sing

  2. Is this poem about the travails of love(rs) or…?

    1. @ Seun: This is celebrating love,not its travails.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. In that case…

  3. Lovely poem Bode.Love the rhythm of the poem,and the alliteration devices that you used.

    Well done!!!

  4. Its a good poem…Lawal helped me understand it more.

    Well done.

  5. Yeah really a good one but can’t figure out why there should be a funeral of fear…

    1. The funeral of fear means that fear is dead and will be buried to torment their love no more.

  6. I like this…Nice!

  7. The 2nd stanza is my favorite part of the poem. Really beautiful, I read it over and over. Not to say it could not be tightened further but it’s still great as is. For example I’ve rewritten it as…

    In the hitching of honest hearts.
    Protection is paramount
    For when we love, despair disappears
    And hope hops in to hug our soul,
    As we fry fear in a pan of pain.

    And I would’ve made it the first stanza and the 1st now will become the second. That way, you first tell us that the poem is about the hitching of hearts, and then follows the train of thoughts…

  8. I am in love with this.

  9. This is good…very good.

  10. just so sweet.
    my best line: As we fry fear in a pan of pain.

    well done

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