Traffic Of A Night…

Traffic Of A Night…

I am a passage tonight to the

rhythms of crabs…


I sit buttock-deep on this hearth

to steam the whirlwind of my eyes…

but lamps are etherized

on the lap-stands of this night,


and it is not the time for wax…


so ants can fill-out of their trail

rain-drains can meet and kiss into floods

the speed of darkness may rise or rot,


it’s not the night for wax…



9 thoughts on “Traffic Of A Night…” by Ajayi Olubunmi Kolade (@ajayiolubunmikolade)

  1. Ok oh! Where are the poets in the house oh! Let them come and decipher, so that lay-people like us will understand….

  2. the repetition of the verse: [it’s not the night for wax…] has a symbolism i cannot place my hands upon.

    cant place my hands on it yet…will be back

  3. I didn’t know it’s this guy, already said I won’t be reading any more of his posts.

    1. e don reach like that?

    2. Kaycee!

      I like your person sha! I likee!

      Hey…no homo. Dang!

      I hate that sentence!

  4. Read this twice…don’t understand it. Maybe I’ll do like Xikay…take a hike and then come back with inspiration…

    Or something.

  5. Nna eh, U dey always post concrete here, call am poem, hehehehe…The ogas dem even run. U strong oh!

  6. A good poetical outburst, but quite enigmatic….

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