To My Shadow

To My Shadow

Thin twin of unsolicited trail

Perpetual copycat of my every move

With skin of no texture, feel or gleam

Your lips rattle but no audible conversation

Sometimes I feel we could talk

But a wasted effort that would be.

In loneliness you sit with me

But loneliness wears a new look

And never cease to be loneliness

Becoming a greater form


So lazy you seem

When I am attacked in the streets

You mimic my every punch

But none is felt by “them”

When I’m hit, I feel

And wonder if you feel too.

On that hot Alsatian chase

Did you gasp? Did you share my hurt?

I heard my heartbeat, but not yours

You Cheat!


Do you thirst and hunger?

Do you smell the beer before I gulp?

Or do gulp with me?

But my 33cl stays 33 in my living pot

So, where’s yours?

When my buds jubilate for Suya

Do you salivate?

But your growth seems healthy

Sometimes you are taller, fatter.

I repeat: You Cheat!


And you cheat more with my Eve

When I part her branches, you part.

I part in search of knowledge

But you part in search of “Truth”

And truth seems faraway.

So faraway my thin twin

Men have searched and died

When we search together

It’s like a “four some”

Of what use are you to me?


12 thoughts on “To My Shadow” by JAY'S PLANET (@JaysPLANET)

  1. Hahaha. Nice. Could it be something else? If u had given it a different title would have kept the reader guessing. I like your style.

  2. Mmmmhhhhhhh!!!

  3. very nice Jay. if you had given a vague title, this would have been fun to crack. you really had me going.

  4. Nice one..

    The title-thing is a point…i like when poetry or creative works of art are shrouded in mystery…and then the cover is taken off and everybody goes….AH.

    This is noce tho…’You Cheat!’

  5. This is very creative. Well written.

  6. Lovely poem jays. been a while we read from you here. Cheat indeed.

    Well done!!!

  7. This is one very beautiful piece! The title is very ok because it is addressed very specifically to your shadow, and you did not want to cheat! I like it big time!

  8. Thanks so much comrades. Too much riddles can be tiring. Much love!!!

  9. No riddles! Yes!!! Nice one!

  10. It’s been a while Jay, and this is a great comeback. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very funny and nice,I agree with the Title thing…but all in all,I really enjoyd reading.

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