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It is night. Not too cold or windy, and not too noisy either. Just the way I like it. I look up at the sky, and the full moon stares at me in return. I can see a few stars keeping it company. From various rooms in the blocks of hostels opposite me, sounds drift out of open windows; a jumble of styles and themes. Noisy sounds, soothing sounds, cool sounds. I hear a particularly annoying deep beat that hammers my heart within my chest, and it makes me wish I could just go up there and wreak havoc.

Some students…

A group of girls walk past me in shoes and sandals that make them walk like dogs with bad legs, and I chuckle at the sight. The sound of their heels, however, in addition to their bird-like chatter, makes me want to grind their heads on a stone, one by one. Can’t they see that I need some quiet in this place, even if it is just for once?


I am just waiting for Chloe to come back before I get into the office, and by ‘office’ I mean the Halls Reception. My merry little world. Hehehe… I look behind me. Nothing but stationary cars in the car park. I turn back to look at the office, and I spy Chloe coming back from wherever she went. I get up and walk briskly towards the office. She sees me and smiles, and then opens the door for me to enter. She looks tired, but then we all are, most of all me. Doing nothing all day will do that to you. And right now, I feel so lazy. I just want to crawl into my bed and sleep, but I can’t do that right now. Mike is oblivious to us both for the moment; he has his headphones on, and I can hear someone screaming in a tinny voice. I swear, he’s going to go deaf someday, if his ear drums don’t burst first. And he’s just staring at the computer screen, motionless.


Chloe sits down and turn on her own system, then rummages in her desk for something as it comes to life. Then she selects a cartoon which I love very much, even though it is very old, most definitely older than me. Tom and Jerry. My favourite. As  Chloe lowers her arms, I make my way to her, sidestepping the cardboard boxes and files on the floor, and I sit on her lap. She hugs me, and I snuggle in close, nestling into her warmth as I settle down to watch my best cartoon.

My name is Timmy.

I am a cat.

72 thoughts on “Timmy” by Raymond (@raymond)

  1. Wow! Thought Timmy was her lover. Thumbs up guy

    1. I was beginning to think so too

    2. Thanks Diadem.

  2. That first paragraph read like a soothing piece of poetry, and to think I couldn’t even guess who Timmy was until the last line also added bite to this piece
    Nice one

      1. you are welcome

  3. the last line was what struck me, it means you are improving on the story telling part. good one!!!

    1. Hehehe. Ok oh. Thanks by the way.

  4. so na yeye cat you don turn to mr @raymond? anyways i wan see wetin go do you sha

    1. HAHAHAHA!!!! No worry.

      1. me i dey chop cat sha

        1. I know say U dey chop Domestic cat. Me, I be the largest Wild Cat…Tiger.

          1. na that one dey sweet pass sef

            1. Hahahaha!!! Ok oh!

  5. Haha. I kind of suspected this wasn’t the usual story when Chloe opened the door and he walked in first lol. Great job!

  6. nice! was beginning to wonder who or what it was..but i didnt think of a cat

    1. Hehehe. That was the idea. Thanks for reading.

  7. Very nice! I’m a cat lover so pardon me as i go all – AAAWWWWW, SO SWEEEEET!!!

    1. Hehehe. Well, I am a cat-I dunno, so thanks. Hehehe.

  8. Good one. I’m surprised a cat would find Tom and Jerry a favourite cartoon as Tom the cat bears the brunt of Jerry the mouse’s jokes and pranks…made me think Timmy was a dog. Permit me to highlight the only typo I noticed -‘ Chloe sits down and turn on her own system’ should be turns on.
    I don’t like cats but you told it well.

    1. Thanks, Typo Police, hehehe. Thanks for dropping by. I dunno know if I like cats. Used to like them when my Grand-Aunt had one. Now, they are just….cats.

  9. Hello Timmy… nice story. I liked it, Cats do not say Aaarch, its usually Meeeooooowww! (lol)

    1. Thanks AfricanRose. Well, we humans hear ‘Meow’. But I know they communicate in their own form of Cat-English or Cat-French, depending on their country of origin, hehehe. Besides, Timmy was thinking.

  10. i had to re-read the story again to come to terms with the comments above.. At first, i didn’t see the ‘i am a cat’ part…but now, i get the jerk.
    well told pal…not easy to write from the point of a cat..lol.

    1. I agree, hehehe. Thanks.

  11. This is really a nice concept, different from your usual stuff. I enjoyed it. Good job.

    1. Hahahaha!@Igwe, didn’t know U kept track of me. Thanks!

  12. i thought it was a dog oh…i hate cats!!! Me am just wondering how you would know whats going through a cat’s mind…

    1. you dont know anything about @raymond if you asked this question sincerely…the guy na winch!!!

      1. @ xikay, LMAO

        1. @febby, U r laughing at me abi?

      2. @Xikay, HAHAHAHAHA!!! Na who turn me to winch naa?

        1. even google cant fit to answer that question

          1. ROFLMAO!!! U no go kill me oh!!!

            1. All cats are winches oh (God forgive me) so if Raymond is a cat then he is a winch!!! Chikena!!!

              1. @Kiah, winch? C’mon naa. Give me some credit. I thought I was worse than that…LMAO!!!

                1. okay then..Senior winch…its the best i can come up with on short notice oh!!!

              2. the guy is a confirm winch …just check out all the yeye wey im dey write…make we kill am jwor

    2. Hehehe. It’s easy, I think. All U have to do is see through their eyes….after some observation, that is. Or U can just make stuff up. Thanks for reading.

      1. it is easy because you are no different from a cat

        1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! @Xikay, no kill me oh!

    3. @Kiah – How can you hate cats? They are so sweet and cuddly and furry and warm and huggy and so utterly selfish, lol. I love them. Maybe i should get you one.

      1. I wonder what David Thorne would say to U observation about cats, @Lade. Hehehe.

  13. Cool stuff @Raymond. I loved it. Short, sweet and unpredictable. LOL

    1. Thanks Kiru, hehehe.

  14. Ray-mond! See how you are slowly metamorphosing into other creatures…now a cat and I am sure next might be some dog..LOL
    I dont know what to do with you:)

    1. @Chetachi, HAHAHAHAHA!!! Don’t worry, all U have to do is read (or at least try to, hehehe) whatever this crazy mind of mine churns up. Hehehe.

  15. Raymond. Raymond! RAYMOND!!! How many times did I call u?
    Hmmm… I have seen this concept before. Jeffrey Archer. A Quiver Full of Arrows. The cat was female…

    But great story sha..luvd ur style…plus it was a nice welcome back. Men I missed u guys! NS ROCKS!

    1. GBOYEGZY!!!!!!!! I don dey wonder where men dem miss go, @Gboyega. Welcome oh!!! And thanks!!!

      1. Thanks…and actually I think the story I was referring to was in 12 Red Herrings..not in AQuiver full of Arrows..he wrote it as if the cat was the guy’s girlfriend…

  16. Another good one you got here Raymond. I always comment people who write in the present tense, sort of a herculean task for me.

    Well done!!!

    1. Thank U Oga!

  17. sorry, meant *commend*

    1. Hmm….@easylife2, I think I’ll inbox U on FB regarding this matter of Present Tense, soon…

  18. Bad boy! I sipped my coffee and thought I was in for a good romance story!….I’d be watching out for your next trick o…a very good one.

    1. @irenecarewbako, hehehehe. Thanks. As for tricks, I daresay U don’t know the half of them….Just ask around. Hehehe…Thanks again!

  19. Good story. I especially liked the poetic style.

    I think that the story would have worked even better if I had read of Timmy doing some very unhuman-like things before you suddenly whisked away the cloth covering his identity (you were going in this direction when you said that he sat on Chloe’s lap, but even that is not so unusual for a human being).

    1. Thanks, @TolaO. I understand.

  20. Ditto Tola.

    INCREDIBLE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hehehe. Thank U, Oga Seun…

  21. lol…that was a cleverly written flash fiction! Okay…why didn’t you tag it as ‘flash’? I like the way you played the whole story till you gave us the ending twist that makes you read the story again to be able to say…’Oh, no wonder, he did this and that’.

    nice one.

    1. Thanks. I didn’t tag it as Flash, cos I think it is gonna be the start of something bigger…Thanks for dropping by.

  22. Mmmmmmmmmm a Cat…i had thought it was a dog. Nice.

    1. Thanks Barbara.

  23. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Cat, i had thought it was a dog. I have a story i wrote about a dog and his name was Timmy. Nice.

    1. Seriously? Do share please!!!

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