“TheDevil’s Pawn” -Selected Poems 3

“TheDevil’s Pawn” -Selected Poems 3

..the poems here are some of the poems i have in my latest project.


In the shadows of the silent night
In the cawing of the crow in flight
Hear the knell and cower in dread
For you bear death’s rune on your head
You have boasted with a slap on your chest
You have dipped into the hornet’s nest
You have poked your finger in my eyes
The die is cast, you shall pay the price

His pen is honed from the bones of the dead
His crimson ink, blood from the living bled.
He writes on parchment of living skin
Words, with breathing claws, curved and keen

Like the gentle breeze teasing the leaves
Like the quiet bat in the eaves
He crouches in the silence of your fears
To make your whispers piercing spears

Can fetters of crafted metal hold
Or the stone walls of prison cold
Hold me bound? AM I not the breeze?
Shall I not escape them with ease?

While the golden debt, unpaid, remains
You’ll remain the captive of his chains
Never shall you be free of the Devil’s snare
Nor break the chains that keep you here.

33 thoughts on ““TheDevil’s Pawn” -Selected Poems 3” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. This is indeed a great work. I like the chill from the horror that runs through. Like I said, this is great!

    1. thank you sir..i hope you know its from my latest project “The Devil’s Pawn”?
      thanks again

  2. Your theme is quite out of the ordinary,horror expressed…
    The ryhmes make sense…well done!

    1. @sambright, thank you sir

  3. Nice one again Xikay.I’m not an expert though.

    1. you dont have to be an expert to enjoy poetry

  4. I like Fear, Flee the best of all but they’re really good. I admire your skill in rhyme and rhythm, and this time they up the scare factor by miles.

    1. this your comment is like an Olympic gold medal…thank you

      1. Fuck an Olympic medal…give me a Grammy..lol!

        1. na which day dem start Grammy? olympic na ancient award o!

          1. Na by age?

            And in case you didn’t know…the Grammys is over fifty. E don try.

            So no be matter of ‘na which day dem start Grammy’…and besides…that was in response to your ‘Grammy my ass..gimme a Nobel’ statement…remember…?

            1. tit for tat abi…chei!!

              1. Lol…gotcha.

  5. The entire theme is great. Short poems altogether. Could be improved.

    1. yeah bro, definitely, could be improved

  6. Liked your use of rhyme and rhythm……… best poem was deathly silence, the lines “He crouches in the silence of your fears, To make your whispers piercing spears”…. really got me. keep writing bro.1

    1. thank you. i am glad you liked them

  7. There’s a certain ambience these poems gather around themselves and then force a reader to experience. I think that has to be the highest of point of any literary creation.

    You do well xikay.

    1. *i blush* than you sir @seun…*bows*

  8. The first poem is my best. Superb work man!

    1. thanks bro…you’ve given me more impetus

  9. Devil’s Pawn, tell your master I said hi…lol

  10. Good morning to u too @seun. You are very well mannered, your wife has really done a good job. I respect Uche’s… Ehm,…. Status, just saying hope he had a choice in the matter.

    1. Kaycee…what are you doing?! Why are you bringing this here? Whoa man…whoa.

    2. @kaycee,so you now carry my name all about?my status is for me alone.Na me know why e still dey like that.

  11. Jay, I have never known heartbreak. And thankGod now its too late.

  12. Xikay delete this last comments man, dnt know wat its doing here. Sorry.

    1. I was wondering too..like maybe you get high in the am or some shit.

  13. @seun plz, to err is human, blame it on BB

  14. Lol. I hear you sire.

  15. nice poem,but it’s really scary.lol

  16. A great poem with excellent imagery. It’s like the devil was standing behind me with an evil grin as I read the poem!

  17. Fear Flee,Deathly Silence and Debts Are Chains are reallly great.
    You write poetry just how i love it.
    You take your readers deep,yet you keep us at the surface so we can breath and understand…nicely avoiding the often unnecessary mystery.
    Very Real logical Poetry.

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