The Shoe Speaks

The Shoe Speaks

‘Howu!’ It said to the cobbler

‘Beaten and sapped out of strength. Take pity.’

‘Once upon a time’, it began a story.

‘A shiny piece of leather was hard soled,

gallantly priced, and smiling invisibly

on the shelf of Kingsway store.

We were legions, for we were many.

Rooted in resemblance but different in lengths.

They passed me by for a while, until he fell in love.

He wore embroidered clothes and a stinky ‘white’ shoe

Took me home and made me favourite.

Foolish me! I should have known the cycle.

The chef, his son, and the pilfering neighbour.

Worthlessly auctioned at the Jankara market,

Here I am at your cobblership’s mercy.’

He looked with pity at the piece of hide,

but mercilessly, for naira’s sake, tacked in the points.

‘Ouch’, the shoe shrieked.

14 thoughts on “The Shoe Speaks” by Ladipo Titiloye (@ladman)

  1. A funny commentary on the life of a shoe. But this your shoe has to choose whether it is Ajeboo or Ajekpako, from Howu! to Ouch! LOL…

    As for the shoemaker, man must wack.

    1. It has passed through both stages, from the rich man to the pilfering neighbour. it knows it all. Thanks

    2. @myne, i dey feel you jare. na true you talk

  2. Laughed really hard reading this. a shoe coming full cycle with the reality of life.

    well done!!!

  3. Quite original. Loved this. Good stuff!

  4. I feel sorry for the shoe. Nice funny poem.

  5. hahahahahaha.who even wear that shoe sef?

  6. Its not about the shoe wearer.

    Its about the shoe.

    Funny. Creative.

  7. Hehehehe….Nice one. I’m with Myne on this though.

  8. My shoe is vehemently screaming. I pay it no mind.

    1. wicked as usual

  9. i am still smiling at this one…Great job!!

  10. just simply hilarious…well done

  11. Mhen! this one make brain oh!!!!!!!!!

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