The BrOken Friend-Ship

The BrOken Friend-Ship

We’ve walked along this path
Together all the time
We fought wars together
Been like two strong gladiators of the ancient time.

Albeit like the teeth and tongue,
Yes we did misunderstand
But we got along and put the things in place.
From a bloodless tie to that mixed with blood and
Some eyes saw us as brothers.

This ship of ours can only be manned by two captains,
But in the middle of the ocean
We met a whisperer
Who whispered into our ears and had us turn
Into the left and right ears.

The ship had to sink and we had to swim
I went a different way and you the other way.

But I sat and thought last night,
Why grudge on a statue that stands harmless
I may not want us to get the ship back,
But we should forget the past
And buy a new ship from India…

33 thoughts on “The BrOken Friend-Ship” by Mustapha Nasiru (@teboy)

  1. Beautiful work. I noticed u used the word ‘Albeit’, where u trying to write ‘Howbeit’? And. I didn’t get the significance of a ..’ship from india’

    1. ‘Albeit’ works quite well…’howbeit’ is rather archaic, though the two words mean the same thing

      1. thankz 4 tha comment, I appreciate!

    2. While about to write the last word in this poem, I reasoned about a place where love seems abundant. Then I thought of bollywood, that was why I choose india.

      1. and you chose well.

  2. I like this one. It captures so much of my life right now…i look around and i don’t see the people i started this journey with. It’s okay but it sucks mostly!

    Yeah…i didn’t see the significance of India either. Why India??

    I like it…nice.

    1. I feel happi that it relates with ur situation. Its just life, somethings were meant to come n go. And about choosing india, bollywood influencd me.

  3. ‘Albeit’ is correct? Hmmn. Make I confirm.

  4. i see everyone is asking about India, so I’m not slow hehe
    great great work. Thumbs up

    1. lol thanks for ready fast gurl, lol.

  5. Good poetry. Please can you tell your readers why the ship should necessarily be bought from India. Tell us the significance of that allusion.

    1. thanks. I choz india coz indian movies are always related with ‘love’.

  6. Nice poem but why India of all places. Pakistan would have been Good job.

    1. lol yeah it coulda been pakistan but hv neva seen a pakistani movie. I choz indian coz of the messages in their movies.

  7. I think India is just poetic license,it could have been Japan or Nigeria…..Lovely poem anyway,enjoyed reading.

    Well done!!!

    1. thanks for the comment, and yeah its more like a poetic licence.

  8. I think if this poem is meant for a specific person, they would understand the allusion to India. That said, I liked the metaphors and word construction you used to illustrate your friendhip. Well done.

    1. O.m.G I cant believ I got a comment frm u Myne, glad u liked it. And just like u said, the person whom the poem talks about knows exactly what ‘india’ standz for.

  9. Even if you didn’t have any explanAtion for it, India just fits perfectly well… Nice poem- simply creative.

    1. i wonder why the hype about India. It could have been anyplace

  10. India keh? Maybe a ship from china will be better……

  11. Or may b a Rû§§ÍÆÑ ship will be better…bin thinking….nice poetry…
    I swear it down…#wink..

      1. Mustapha, dont mind Blaise. a ship from china will definitely not last and it will make too much noise. As for the one from Russia. na war you wan go fight?


  12. Nice poem you have got here, true that there can never be two pilots or captain at the same time.

    1. yeah thanks for the comment!

  13. Quite melancholic, if I may add…

  14. @mustapha, i got two messages from you.
    1. dont listen to idle gossip/ dont let people put you asunder with what you believe in
    2. let bygone be bygone/forget, forgive and move on/ make amends

    i enjoyed this poem in its entirety. you told the story very well and i loved you diction. well done

    1. thank u Xikay, thanks for the words. Am glad u enjoyd it.

      1. very glad that you shared it.

  15. Very nice and lovely piece.
    Welldone,India sounds fine to me..

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