The Break-up

Its over she said,
Like a heavy hammer blow in
My brain,
I had a terrible heartache.
It took me minutes to
But then,I knew she did mean
What she said.
Falling to my knees,fone to my
I wept aloud like a newly born
With every word synonymous
To please,
Out of my mouth…
…But to no avail.
Guys come by saying,
Letz go swimming and drinking,
But i refuse.
Gurls come by saying,
Forget her and have me for the
But then I close my eyes’
And only one person do I see,
(the LOVE of my LIFE)…

poem by:TEJIRI

11 thoughts on “The Break-up” by mcPhuture Otitifore (@mcphuture)

  1. Sad. Sad.

    Wish I could say I understand how it feels/felt but I don’t. The pain in there is kinda vibrant tho.

    Nice poetry. Didn’t really feel the ‘letz’ and the ‘gurls’ but it does not make that much of a difference.


  2. nice poetry. sorry o my brother.

    you can be more creative with words though.

    keep the pen moving

  3. Felt like the lyrics to a song…Nice…

  4. Nice rhyme.

  5. I hear heartbreak is good for writing, so maybe she did him a favour eh? Nice one, keep it up.

  6. @ Raymond:True,felt more like the lyrics of a song.

    I like the idea,though I feel you could have used more poetic devices.

    Well done!!!

  7. That is the last thing I wouldn’t for a girl CRY… Nice lyrics you got. Cheers

  8. Didn’t really feel this, maybe coz i’m in a ‘enough already!’ mood (my cousin has been going on and on about her broken heart, lol)

  9. I feel you, but the bad punctuation and spelling turned me off. Sorry.

  10. … love the spontaneity… hope you are however coping with her?

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