Submissions now open for the Naijastories Anthology

Submissions now open for the Naijastories Anthology

Submissions open July 1 – July 31 2011. Send entries to

If the story you’re submitting is yours, email should have the subject line SUBMISSION/ STORY TITLE with the story pasted inside, no attachments. At the beginning of the email, please include your full name, brief biography (50 words), contact information, and word count.

If you want to nominate another writer’s story, email should have the subject line NOMINATIONS/YOUR NAME. In the body of the email, state the name of the writer, the nominated story, and if possible, the link to the story on Also tell us why you like the story.




What is the theme of the anthology?

The general theme is fiction from Nigeria, by Nigerians, and for everybody (PG-13). All genres of stories are accepted, and for now, we haven’t decided if it will be split into sections or how.

Which Stories are eligible?

Only the best of the best. Did any of your stories get over 300 pageviews, or have over 50 comments? Was it selected as one of the recent Editor’s Picks? Then you should send it in. Also look through the editors picks to see what we’re looking for.

–          Stories to be submitted or that will be selected must be between 500 and 5,000words.

–          These stories must ONLY have been published on, and posted between March 2010 and March 2011. Stories posted after this will have to wait for the next anthology.

–          Series are acceptable as far as they have been completed and meet the word count limit.


Who can submit or nominate a story?

Any member can nominate an eligible story they like on the site. However, only members who joined the site and were published before the end of March 2011 can submit their own stories.

How many stories can be submitted or nominated?

A member can submit only one story from the ones they’ve published on the site. However, they can nominate more than one story, one each from any other particular writer. Editors will contact writers if they prefer a story different from the one submitted.

Can I modify and then submit a story that meets the other guidelines?

Yes you can. Also, all selected stories will be thoroughly edited before publication.


How are the works going to be published?
StoriesNaija! will be the flagship of an NS imprint using a print-on-demand model that will make Nigerian authors available through most of the major global book distributors. We will also be talking with a Nigerian based publisher to get books widely available locally. The anthology will also be released through, Amazon Kindle, Barnes&Noble Nook, and directly on as various formats of eBooks.

How much will the book cost in the different formats?
The editors will try to keep the book below 70k words so we can get an affordable pricing. Tentative price is $11.99/8GBP/N1500 for the paperback. Ebook will be $4.99/3.50GBP/N500

Who owns the rights?
Our contract is still being developed and while the author retains copyright, we’ll be asking for exclusive rights for one year after the anthology is published. After that time, they will be able to do with the story as they please.

How much will authors be paid?

Registration on is free, as well as acceptance into this anthology, so our budget for this project is very limited. We’ll be offering no advance to authors but a royalty of 20% of the book’s list price pro-rated on the number of words in their individual selected stories, as well as discounted pricing on any copies purchased. Payment will be made three times in a year.

Who decides the order of the stories?
For now, we’ll just concentrate on selecting the best stories possible. After this is done, we could just arrange the authors in alphabetical order, or we can get a well known author to do it. (Chinua Achebe or Wole Soyinka anyone? Just joking o!)

Who decides which stories are selected, the book cover, and other details?
The NS editorial team will have final say on the stories. We’ll also be seeking previews and reviews from published authors and NS friends.

What will be expected of the selected writers?

They will sign a contract with Naijastories. They must also be willing to have their stories extensively workshopped and edited till it is lean and mean. This means having relatively easy access to the internet, and the readiness and ability to meet deadlines. Writers have final say on the version of their stories to appear in the anthology, and can pull out at any time.

Is it possible to suggest another title?

Yes please. This is a tentative title and we’ll be happy to adopt a more fitting title at any time before the anthologies publication. However, we will prefer not to spin off an existing book’s title, or an author’s pronouncements. Such statements may be subject to the vagaries of time. This anthology is the first of a series, and we hope for a title that will remain relevant through the years.

What is the timeframe from submission to publication?
We’re looking forward to a March 2012 publication, and the following is a tentative timeframe;

–      July – Submissions and Nominations

–      August/September – Editor’s Selections

–      October – Authors Sign Contracts

–      November / December – Editing

–      January – Submission to Publisher

–      February – Proofing

–      March 2012 – Book Published and on sale

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