We crossed the desert,

Sailed the seas,

Rode the constellations,

Cruised the milky way

Why was it the minute pond that felled us?

Why was it that splash of water,

that stretch of stillness created by our mistakes

that drowned us?

Who would have thought,

that something no bigger than our bath tub

would have so much depth that we would never be able to get past it?


We drowned in that puddle.

I came up for air and you were a stranger.

Who would have thought?


Like princesses and peas,

Like pins in haystacks,

Like the flowers you used to send me,

Like the words ‘ I love you’,

Its always in the little things…

16 thoughts on “Puddles” by Kiah (@kiah)

  1. hmmm. lovely Kiah. just lovely….the little foxes are always the deadliest

    1. muchos gracias

  2. I do ditto xikay…

  3. Yeah, it was just a little iceberg that sank a whole titatic. Nice one.

    1. if that iceberg were to be brought out of the river…you will be awed by its size…juts kidding bro

    2. True talk…the power of little things

  4. I like the last paragraph, how you used the fairy tales to debunk what is sometimes the myth of everlasting love.

    1. Thank you Myne..

    1. thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  5. I have a little something for this poem…and a little ‘something’ for the author. This one is just another reason why…

    Well done Kiah.

  6. The power of little things- the words we forget to say, the hugs we think are not necessary, the dinner we decided not to have together…May we always be able to overcome these ‘little’ obstacles and live life the way it is supposed to.

  7. The little things….My people will say, ‘Obere nsi na-emebi ike’, meaning ‘Small shit wey dey spoil nyash’…Nice one Kiah…

  8. Really nice, they’ve said it all.

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