Now and Then

Now and Then

When I was young I was not sure of what I wanted to be though am certain I never wanted to be a doctor. Later on when it was time to pick classes I chose science and I wonder why because I never liked maths. I switched to the arts second term after failing further maths and physics.  Studying Law in the university was because it was the “best course” to study in the Arts… well I would not have been allowed to study Mass Communications which I preferred.


Now I am done with law school et al, am certain that I do not want to be a lawyer. It is nothing new, cases like this are commonplace in today’s society hence Biochemists in Communications industry, Lawyers in Photography, the list goes on. The question is why go through the whole process of studying a course only not to practise it, is it the norm to obtain a tertiary education? Who is to blame; is it the education system that does not provide avenues for students to discover their strengths, or parents who insist their children study a particular course, could it the high cut off marks which makes student settle for alternative courses or the obsolete courses in university which have no jobs attached to them like Veterinary Science?


What can be done about this as a lot of money goes to waste in addition to time spent studying the courses? Analysing the Universities, in the government owned institutions an average student is almost guaranteed spending extra time due to issues like strike, on the flip side are the privately owned institutions with no time constraints however they make up for it in huge fees. With factors such as these it is still amazing to find graduates who do not practise in their studied fields.


It is not unusual to hear graduates say “now that I have gotten my certificate I can do what I am really interested in”. In such instances the person probably studied the course to please someone. At other times it is discovery of self/passion that makes people switch fields. Satisfaction is very essential for optimum performance in any job. In reality though, circumstances like unavailability of jobs sometimes prevent graduates from doing what they really desire. Whatever side of the divide you find yourself, the most important thing is to be satisfied and successful in the new field thus making up for the time and money spent studying in the old one.


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  1. This happens a lot in our society nowadays and the fault all goes back to the kind of society we have, it is already known that even someone who studies medicine can work in a bank and so on.

  2. This is a common occurrence, i am a victim of this mum wanted a doctor in the family at all cost so my first choice for JAMB was medicine and second choice was pharmacy. ended up doing a pre-degree, eventually entered OAU to study Zoology. Now a graduate..nothing to do with my course except enter into the academic line..or change career paths completely.
    on the question of who is to blame- i think all of the above

    1. this happens every time. i was lucky. my father just bought my JAMB form and asked me to fill it up…i ended up doing what i liked

      1. dagbeyon (@dagbeyonthomas)

        @xikay, lucky you.
        @febby, am sure you would make the best choice. Are you done with NYSC now?

        1. @dagbeyon yeah. i agree

    2. Yes, you have all of the above to blame but you can be the ultimate winner by rising above it all

  3. We can blame parents, the society, the school system, and each woulb be right. I think, ultimately, the most important thing is for each person to discover him/herself as soon as possible and walk that road the best way they can.

  4. Blame no one for your woes. I studied Elect/Elect Engineering but the only thing I ever wanted to do was to write. All through University, I followed my passion competing in various contests with traditional Arts students and coming up surprisingly well above average. My friends, seeing my dedication to the art of writing, thought I was confused or almost mad. I thought otherwise and called myself A Writing Engineer. I wanted to prove to them I could make good use of my writing talent as well as my engineering degree. So far, my Engineering degree has not fetched me a kobo (I have not tried, anyway) but my writing ability has fetched me enough recognition, continuous joy and a career as a Copywriter in the Advertising industry. I hope to merge the two -like in my alias- someday in order to fully achieve my childhood dreams of being an Engineer and my ceaseless love of Creative Writing.

    1. That’s nice and inspirational, a lot of people find it hard pursuing their dreamz especially writing in naija.hmmmm

    2. dagbeyon (@dagbeyonthomas)

      I like your story @Da Writing Engineer.

    3. good to hear your story@da writing are destined for the pen and paper not screwdriver and spanner.

  5. Nice piece. For me, I see no big deal about whether or not one practises what he studied in school cos I believe in having several options in life and being broad minded also. I’m a Chemical engineer but the job I do is not in that line. The fact is, it has been an advantage for me cos studying science in school has made me imbibe some habits that has given me an edge on my present job. What’s more, I write too and I’m glad I didn’t have to study that in school.

  6. I think we are ultimately shaped by our environment, and it takes a lot of tenacity to do what U really want. For me, I have always wanted to do so many things. Accounting, Information Systems, Writing, Martial Arts, Music (Guitar etc). Well, I have found ways to do most of the things I have wanted to do, some of which I have not mentioned here. It boils down to passion and perseverance. It is also important to find out what one really wants early in life, cos sometimes the problem also comes from within.

    1. the truth is that the better you become in one thing, the easier it is for you to find relevance in other areas and interests.

  7. Nice piece, by the way.

    1. dagbeyon (@dagbeyonthomas)

      Thanks a bunch, need to ask how do you strike a balance with your diverse interests?.

  8. Where we have found ourselves dictates a lot that goes on in our lives, that is the sad reality. But we musn’t sit down and drool.We are our own tomorrow!!!

    Well done!!!

  9. I like it. Bottom line tho…is for you/me/them to do the best wherever we find ourselves.

    Nice one.

  10. its a serious matter that you raised here. many people go into courses because their parents want it that way. others fallt o peer pressure while some just follow the fine-sounding courses and end up living a life of mediocrity.

    it is best to follow a path that suits you…something that you find pleasure in doing even outside formal boundaries

  11. do your best in whatever field you have chosen for yourself, you can’t ask for more in a constricted and rigid society,nice piece by the way

    1. dagbeyon (@dagbeyonthomas)

      Thanks Casey, at the end of the day the ball is in our court.

  12. you don’t really believe law is the best course to study in Arts do you?

    1. dagbeyon (@dagbeyonthomas)

      Not anymore.

  13. So what do you think is the best course to study in arts?

    1. dagbeyon (@dagbeyonthomas)

      I do not think that there is a best course, its what you make of it.

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