Heavenly notes

Wow, it feels so heavenly!
Me, my family, friends, fun, laughter, joy, trust, work, rewards: simply heaven!
Universal components that defy cultural, religious and geographic differences.
What more? Successive heavens right within and around us here on God’s green earth.
Away from here and up above, yet more ‘Heavens’ as opposed to ‘a heaven’: a pluralistic dwelling for all.
Each according to his beliefs and good deeds.

And so, heavenly neighbours make up d realm beyond.
I could knock on Alhaji Semao’s door where devout muslims dwell,
drop in and share the good moments we once had on earth.
Then, stop by to hola at Sis. Joy, the devout Jehovah’s witness whose
take on heaven contradicts orthodox teachings of Christianity.
Mama and Baba, regular visitations for sure in your abode for Anglican faithfuls.
Also, not forgetting the free-thinking Eche from around the block now dwelling in a befitting heavenly address.
And on and on, I’m dropping in on every neighbour with heavenly addresses according to its beliefs.

For now though, there’s heaven here on earth.
A heaven I make of my state, environment and all that’s gifted me.
Gifts in families, friends, talents, resources, dreams etc.
Yeah, tools from God in whose image I was created to recreate heavens for me and humanity just like He’s done.

8 thoughts on “Heavenly notes” by getto (@technobayo)

  1. Nice poem, but I’m no expert so I can’t dissect.

  2. Oh, this is a poem? I thought, well never mind.
    Eh, well, it’s nice sha…

    1. Your ‘no comment’ comment is a comment in itself…

  3. this poem is just so cool. a few typos were in but they were negligible.

    i think you are dreaming of a place where all live together in peace and harmony without divides. well that is a hope. keep hoping

    i just hope its not a ‘heaven on earth’ wish

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